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Who would think the American Dream isn’t possible?

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“There’s no reason why we can’t restore the basic, American promise that if you work hard, you can do well.” (Kunhenn, 2012) America is a land with a lot more opportunities and freedom than any other nation. There’s no excuse not to achieve ones dreams in this country. The American dream is still universally available for anyone to achieve; it’s still possible because it has been done many times, we live in a free country and anything is possible with hard work.

The American dream has been accomplished many times over. Many millionaires made their money by researching their dream because nothing was handed to them. Just by coming to this country one is achieving a dream because you’re moving to a country with more opportunities. To achieve the American dream, you have to work for it. Becoming successful is something that can’t just be handed to one. Oprah Winfrey is an example of someone who had nothing handed to her and worked hard for what she has today. She started off in a poor family who was struggling and now she’s one of the richest women alive. She had a dream of becoming a business woman and she achieved it by making billions of dollars today. She most likely wouldn’t have been able to do that if she lived someplace else. In America there are many college and business opportunities that still make the American dream possible.

Living in America, there is no excuse not to achieve your dream because we live in a country of freedom. Many people have easily achieved the American dream simply by taking what they want seriously. There are plenty of opportunities in America for jobs and education unlike other countries. Especially with free public education until one is 18 “America is about earning everything you got.” (Kunhen, 2012) Unlike other countries, we have freedom to do many different things. We have the right to vote, have a free education and freedom of religion. We have a say in how we want to run out country since we have all these chances and opportunities. It would be a waste not to take chances that we are given.

“America is not about handouts.” (Kuhnnen, 2012) With hard work and dedication, The American dream is still one hundred percent possible to achieve. To achieve the American dream one doesn’t always need to go to college. If one really wants their dreams to come true then they won’t let anything get in their way. In fact, my uncle became really successful and he only graduated high school. He had a dream that he wanted to start his own business and he did it. Now him and my dad work for him by doing planning architecture for big buildings and companies. Nothing was handed to him or anyone who is successful. Just because one does not go to college President Obama states that “there’s not reason why we can’t restore the basic American promise that if you work hard, you can do well.” (Obama, 2012)

Therefore, the American dream is still universally available for anyone to achieve today, it’s possible to achieve because it has been done many times, we live in a free country and anything is possible with hard work. Many people have already achieved the American dream so it’s not impossible. Anything is also possible if one is willing to work hard for it. All in all, people who really want the American dream will get it.

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