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What song Describes you

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 Battlefield by Jordin Sparks I’m very protective about certain things. For example, when kids are bullied by other kids at school and keeping relationships alive. I hate it when people mistreat other people. It really gets on my nerves and makes me want to do something about it every time i see it. That’s why my friends love me. They know I’ve got their backs and I know they have mine, I will defend them to the end. In my relationships, I tend to stay away from arguments as much as possible. I don’t want a stupid conflict to end something that was great and that was meant to be. Then in the song where she says “ I never meant to start a war you know I never wanna hurt you don’t even know we’re fighting for why does love always feel like a battlefield” One time my girlfriend tried to motivate me and I took it the wrong way so I should’ve used common sense before I acted I should’ve known that she didn’t mean it in a bad way she was just trying to help me out in the long run.

Then when it comes to protecting my friends and other people from bullies i step in whether its verbal, physical,or even viral bullying because i feel as if no one should be treated badly because the way they look or dress or the people they hang out with and besides who are they to judge someone everyone isnt perfect we all have flaws and there is nothing we can do to change that. So once in middle school was riding the school bus and I this little new kid riding the bus and some of the older boys were bullying him not physically but verbally because he was wearing some type of kids cartoon shirt and I didn’t think them bullying him was cool whatsoever so I stepped in and said “What did he ever do to you he wasn’t even bothering anyone so could you just back off” Surprisingly they did and then that little kid didn’t have any problems for the rest of the year and me and him even became friends and actually the kids cartoon shoe shirt he was wearing I actually watched the show too.

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