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What do I hope to achieve in my life

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In my life I want to achieve many things. In the next ten years I see myself going to college and graduating becoming a successful engineer. I will go through many step and obstacles while trying to achieve what I want to do. My strengths fit right into my goal and will end up helping me achieve this. Once I put my mind to something I believe that I can achieve anything. The way I plan to achieve my goal is by attending such universities such as Yale or Harvard. While attending a university that offers my major plan on studying hard and passing all my classes with high grades. I would earn my degree as an engineer and then, continue furthering my education to become an engineer. My biggest obstacle is time and dedication to my schoolwork. Even though this is my biggest obstacle it is still my number one priority. One of my greatest strengths is my determination to do well in all subjects. I am attending honors math and science. Another strength I have is that I communicate and work well, in order to become an engineer.

Nothing will stop or get in the way of me achieving my goal. I know that with hard work and perseverance I will accomplish my goals and any future endeavors. Setting goals is motivation tool for a person to achieve something desired. It is important for everyone to set goals whether it is short-term, long-term goal or both. “A goal – particularly one that is accepted and believed in – appears to be a simple but effective tool capable of driving personal and organizational performance to the next level”. Therefore, I decided to set professional and personal short-term goal as well as long-term goals. My professional short-term goal is to complete my degree in mechatronics engineering with a minimal grade of A average.

My professional long-term goal is to become a role model to my brother where I can help him achieve his goals by giving the knowledge what I have learnt so far. As spirituality is important in my life, my short-term goal reflects it. I want to dedicate more time in volunteering and researching what makes my beliefs strong through my conviction and personal faith. Furthermore, I want to spend more time to with my immediate family. When I become an engineer my long term goal at that time will be to buy a big house ,a car and satisfy my parents for all what they have given to me

As an engineer it is imperative to have a continuation of education in science and technology. After meditating on engineering and the changes to come, I made the decision to begin to accomplish my professional short-term goal, which is to complete my degree in engineering. I recognized that fear of failing has held me back. I thought that my many responsibilities would impede the continuation of my education. Even when I am successfully continuing my education; I was not completely satisfied with what I had done and accomplished in my school life. For this reason my goal is to receive my engineering degree. I understand it can be challenging given that I have an abundance of responsibilities to fulfill simultaneously. These some of the reasons I have decided to make daily goals to succeed. It was difficult to begin school. When I was small I didn’t know the importance of education.

But when I was nearing my o/l I got to know the importance of education. In between this time number of changes occurred in my life. The school I was studying in was in a situation to be closed down. But I was lucky enough to leave that school in a correct time. Then I joined another school where my semester fee was high, my father didn’t care about it .He paid my fee and they accepted me in. I was given all the facilities in the school and that was the time I made up my mind to face all the challenges ahead of me to become an engineer. No matter how many times I fail I will encourage myself and perform well in all my activities I am given. In this time my personal shot term goal will be to give answers for every single rupee my father spends on me and the hard work he does to earn it .as I complete every grade my brother will start it, so I will have a chance to teach my brother what I have learnt and also I can recall things that I have learnt so far.

The first semesters in my new school was about begin which sent me a chill through my body that time. I kept encouraging myself that time, saying to myself that I can do it. But it was of no use, those words did not encourage me and also they weren’t enough to encourage me. So I prepared myself to face the semesters. The week went slowly and my semesters were over, it relieved me but the results were about to come which sent me another chill through my body. The results came, I got an average of 73% .It did not satisfy me. When I showed the result sheet to my parents their faces went dull. By looking at their faces I got to know that they weren’t satisfied with it. Then my mother smiled at me and told me that these results were ok since this was my first semester. She also told me a few words which encourage me a lot. My father, he called me and told me a story. The story of how he tried to achieve his goals but failed.

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