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Vision of Riverbanks Zoological Park and Botanical Garden

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Riverbanks Zoological Park and Botanical Garden’s vision is to be transforming into an exciting preservation and conservation center that will continue to further the evolution of superb zoo exhibitory. Mission of Riverbanks Zoological Park and Botanical Garden

•To foster an appreciation and concern for all living things. •To providing the highest standards of care for our animal and plant collection. •To providing a diverse educational and high-quality recreational experience for all Riverbanks visitors. •To providing all the resources at our disposal for the conservation of the earth’s flora and fauna. •To provide financial assistance for conservation-oriented projects/programs that promotes preservation of the Earth’s biodiversity.

Riverbanks Zoological park and Botanical Garden’s mission is to foster an appreciation and concern for all living things and providing the highest standard s of care for our animal and plant collection(2), to providing a diverse educational and high-quality recreational experience for all Riverbanks visitors(1), to providing all the resources at our disposal for the conservation of the earth’s flora and fauna(3), and to provide financial assistance for conservation-oriented projects/programs that promote preservation of the Earth’s biodiversity(5).

Riverbanks Zoological Park and Botanical garden use the market penetration strategy. Market penetration strategy defines as a most common growth strategy is to focus on what you do best by emphasizing your current products in your current markets. This strategy is also called the concentrated growth strategy because you’re thoroughly developing and exploiting your knowledge and expertise in a specific market with known products.

The Riverbanks Zoological Park and Botanical Garden use these penetration strategies to develop the zoo into zoological park and botanical garden. There are proposed facility was designed exclusively as a children’s zoo with a nursery rhyme theme. Besides that, the state legislature significantly expanded the Zoo’s support base by creating Riverbanks as a Special Purpose District and Richland, and Lexington counties joined the city of Columbia as full partners in the burgeoning Riverbanks project.

At last they relocating and expanding the Zoo’s entrance to a more central location in the park was a key component of the Zoo II plan. Each of the three political entities appointed two members to the Commission, with the seventh appointed at-large. Approximately 100 acres of land on both sides of the Lower Saluda River and just outside of the city proper were leased to the commission by South Carolina Electric and Gas (SCE & G) for 99 year at $1.00 per year.

Following five years of planning and construction, Riverbanks finally opened to the public on April 25, 1974. Notable features of the original Zoo design were the mountainous, moated exhibits for cats and bears (these remain a part of the Zoo’s landscape today and can be seen immediately upon entering the parking area).Other major exhibits included two buildings with a total of 21 individual exhibits for small mammals and a moated enclosure for giraffes and white rhinos. Perhaps the most striking architectural feature of the new Zoo was the 22,000-square-foot Ecosystem Birdhouse. Located in the heart of the Zoo, this building housed hundreds of birds in indoor and ourdoor exhibits.

Organization’s External Opportunities

1.Add covered walkway to accommodate visitors

With the covered walkway surrounding the Riverbanks Zoological Park and Botanical Garden, it will provide protection from rain and sunlight of the all outside activities for visitors. Thus, visitors will feel very relieved and enjoy the activity in there. Beside that, the design of covered walkway that tailored to suit the surrounding in Riverbanks Zoo wills also beautification the environment so can attract more visitor attendance.

2.Developing a prehistoric animal exhibit since fossil collecting

Riverbanks Zoo should develop a prehistoric animal exhibit and display rare fossils of various beasts of the past. The exhibition will attract more groups from school, with the exhibition student will to gain the understanding of primitive and ancient animal. Thus, to let the student more interesting to learn the prehistoric animal, school will bring the student to visit the exhibit at Riverbank Zoo rather than just refer the text book. This opportunity enables their visitors especially student kids to gain more realistic experience in natural environment.

3.Develop a new marketing campaign for the zoo

Previous marketing campaign that use by Riverbanks Zoo is not very efficiently to communication with the visitors. Thus, Riverbanks Zoo should develop a new marketing campaign that will really enable to achieve awareness and understanding to visitors that services they provide. Riverbanks Zoo can use the cause related marketing strategy to increase their image and brand so that they have more opportunity to fascinate more visitor to purchase their service.

4.Environmentalism of public

Nowadays people are shifting from being sell centered into being more environmental oriented. Therefore, the human nowadays are understood more clearly about the importance of green environment and natural ……. They are more concern about caring the flora fauna by saving more animal.

5.Forecast holiday travel in South Carolina will increase 2.5%

Statistic in South Carolina shows that holiday travel rate forecast will increase 2.5%. Therefore, increase rate of holiday travel will give opportunity increase the attendance of visitor to Riverbanks Zoo. Thus, Riverbanks Bank should struggle this opportunity and provide more information and advertising via internal to increase the awareness of visitor.

6.Benefits of residential growth

In a study of housing in South Carolina found that construction of 65 single-family housing units generates between 34 and 39 jobs over ten years and a 3.8 million increase in disposable income. It shows that increase in disposable income will increase the opportunity people visit to the Riverbanks Zoo.

Organization’s External Threats

1.Uncertainty of the economic

Uncertainty of the economic in the future is a major threat towards the Riverbanks Zoo. Recession, monetary policy, inflation, employee rate and interest rate in the future will actually effect operation of Riverbanks Zoo. Therefore, Riverbanks Zoo cannot predict the uncertainly economic, so it causes the company need more funds to avoid the uncertainty of the economic.

2.Entry of new competitors

New competitor has high barriers to entry the market. Thus, the new competitors come in to the market as potential entry to create higher quality product, lower price and substantial marketing resource. Therefore, the attendance of visitor is a critical issue for the new entrants of competitors, which eventually will decrease the revenues of Riverbanks Zoo.

3.High gas prices in 2006-2007

Due to Riverbanks Zoo have many heavy animal, so their need transport to send the animal from one place to another place. Thus, high gas prices in 2006-2007 will influence the Riverbanks Zoo’s operation cost increase. Therefore, the extra cost will cause the revenue of Riverbanks Zoo also decrease.

4.Weather condition

Weather condition is a threat toward the attendance of the visitor for Riverbanks Zoo. Sometime, visitors already plan to visit Riverbanks Zoo but rain causes them to change their plan. Beside that, sunlight is also a problem that causes the visitor change their minds refused to visit Riverbanks Zoo. Thus, it will cause the visitor move to other direct competitor or indirect competitor.

5.Health care fee increase in the future

Riverbanks Zoo always faces the issue such as health of animal and plants. Therefore, Riverbanks Zoo which is very emphasizes of the health of the animals and plants will expense a lot of money towards the animals and plants. Thus, increase fee of health care will increase the total expenditures of Riverbanks Zoo.

6.Expenditure of advertising increase 12%

Advertising is a very important tool for Riverbanks Zoo to attract visitor. Thus, increase the expenditure of advertising will increase the burden to the company. It is because Riverbanks Zoo cannot increase the number attendance of visitor without advertising.

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