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Heart Essays

The Heart of the Matter: My Philosophy of Education

Abstract Let us get to the heart of the matter. I believe wholeheartedly that every child, no matter how diverse, is capable of learning. The key to successful learning is fostering a positive teacher-student relationship, displaying patience and grace, having endless amounts of compassion, and giving appropriate instructional guidance. In …

An Experiment to Determine the Effect of Caffeine on Heart Rate

RESEARCH QUESTION:- Does the effect of an increasing volume of caffeine in an energy drink cause a corresponding increase in heart rate? HYPOTHESIS:- The heart rate should increase proportionately to the amount of caffeine present in the different amounts of the energy drink that is used. Caffeine is known to …

To Investigate How Aerobic Exercise Affects the Heart Rate

To investigate how aerobic exercise affects the heart rate of a 16 year old male. The aerobic exercise I will be using to conduct this experiment is jumping jacks, commonly known as star jumps. It is a physical jumping exercise performed by jumping to a position where both legs are …

How the Heart Works

Although the heart is often referred to as a symbol of courage and love, it is no more than a muscular pump. From the moment it begins beating to the moment we die the heart works non-stop beating an average of 72 beats per minute, 37,843,200 beats per year and …

Only the Heart

Linh explains he control the Malaysian authorities exert on the refugees when they arrive at Jangaroon. Linh has sympathy for the Malaysian government in wanting to ‘stop us…taking us permanent residence, ‘and understands that fear motivates their control. Linh supports this idea of control by referring to their habitat as …

The Heart And An Artificial Pacemaker

            We cannot leave to chance things as important as our own heartbeats.  The sinus node in our heats are signaled to form waves of electricity that tells our hearts when to beat.  In their perfect form, these jolts are quite dependable and are spaced to keep us healthy and …

The Chest Examination

The chest indicates the region that lies under the neck and above the abdomen. Chest wall is composed of sternum, ribs, and vertebras. The anterior part is a little shorter than the posterior part. Chest examination includes many components: chest shape, chest wall, breasts, vessels, mediastinum, bronchus, lung, pleura, heart, …

How Two Body Systems Interrelate to Perform Named Functions

The circulatory system and the respiratory system work closely together to ensure that organ tissues and systems receive enough oxygen. Oxygen is required for cellular functions such as cell respiration. This is so the body’s organs and cells can work at fully; it is done by releasing chemical energy with …

The Cardiovascular System: Blood Pressure Regulation

1.a. Short term mechanisms for regulating blood pressure include regulating what three things? 1. Vessel diameter 2. Contractibility 3. Heart Rate b. Long term mechanisms will regulate ____blood volume_______. 2.Two major arterial baroreceptors are located where? a. Carotid Sinus b. Aortic Arch 3.Using up and down arrows, show the effect …

The Effect of Nicotine on the Heart Rate of the Lumbriculus Variegatus

Background- This lab is being done to demonstrate the effects of stimulants on the circulatory system of blackworms. In this lab, the stimulant we have chosen to use is Nicotine. A stimulant is an agent that causes increased activity, especially in the nervous or cardiovascular systems. In this lab, we …

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