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Violent Media is good for Kids by Gerard Jones

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Jones’s thesis expresses that violent media are not a bad influence on children, but it does however; allow them to better express themselves. They also can benefit them to release their inner rage as well as gaining their confidence. Body paragraph:

Throughout Jones’s article he uses some persuasive antics to encourage readers that violent media can decrease the amount of rage and reckless a child can have… “ pretending to have superhuman powers can help children conquer the feelings of powerlessness that inevitably comes with being so young and small” (11)—learning how to express their feelings the same way a super hero would, or have a different aspect on how to approach a situation without being the bad guy in the scenario. “ at its most fundamental level, what we call “creative violence”—head bonking cartoons, bloody video games…” (12) here it states making violence fun, and amusing may come off to strong? Perhaps this can cause children to think that is ok to trip someone because they want to get revenge. In paragraph 15, Jones summarizes an experience he had with a girl who had some issues at home, but she used rap to help her console with her feeling. Music is a good way to express feelings and getting lost in music is a good way to relieve stress

Another persuasive reasoning’s Jones’s uses throughout the article are finding power, the word power in this article frequently referred to as a being confident and finding oneself. “ pretending to have superhuman powers can help children conquer the feelings of powerlessness that inevitably comes with being so young and small” (11)— this is relevant to gaining power, to find yourself and to stand up for yourself. “… growing up to passive..” (16) instead of letting things just getting by, have a stance. This can refer to being afraid to live life As a child Jones read comic, this lead him to having an obsession with it, to turning it into to a career. Jones was able to enjoy comics as a kid and it helped him filter out some of the negativity going on his life.

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