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Using SEI Strategies In A SIOP

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This lesson should be taught in a 1st grade class. The students in this class does not have to be English Language Learners, (ELL) for them to benefit from this lesson or to meet state standards. This lesson is a interactive way for the students to learn about the dragonfly and the different things about the dragonfly. The lesson will first be introduced by reading the book “Are you a Dragonfly?” by Judy Allen. Then after we read the story we will go over the rules vocabulary words we will discuss the definition of each of the words to make sure they know the correct definition of the word to make sure they know the correct definition of the word. After we review the vocabulary words I will have the class take out their dry erase boards and as a group make a chart about the dragonfly and the body parts of the dragonfly. The reason for making the chart is to help the students learn the body parts of the dragonfly. Reviewing the vocabulary words is also a big help to them learn the words and their meaning.

Now that we have reviewed the vocabulary words we will make a chart together as a class. I will have the class take out their dry erase boards and markers and divide it into 4 sections. I will let them know that we are going to make a chart about the dragonfly. Now I will have them sound out and write out the word dragonfly at the top of the chart. Once that is done I will call on a student to spell the word for us and write it on the board. Then I will have them work with a partner and talk about what a dragonfly is. Then they will write on their chart the definition of what the dragonfly is and I will call on one of the students to tell me what they came up with and write it down in the top right hand square of the chart on the board. Then I will have them spell the word insect and write it down. Once they have all wrote it down I will have a student tell me how to spell it and write it down on the chart in the bottom left corner. Then I will have the students draw a picture of a dragonfly in the top left square, in the bottom left square with the word insect I will have them draw a smaller dragonfly. Once they are all done their chart we will read together what we have written on the chart on the board.

Now that the chart is done and we have gone over what is on the chart as a class have them that now they will label the different parts of the dragonfly and then when done have them write a sentence about 1 important fact that they have learned about the dragonfly. Once everyone is done have them share their fact with the class and discuss why they think it is a important fact. Then together as a class we will label the body parts on the dragonfly on the chart on the board. Now that we have completed the chart and discussion about the dragonfly ask them what they have learned about the dragonfly.

Another way that makes for good practice for this lesson is modeling. Through modeling the chart on the board show the students what they are suppose to be doing on their chart. This is a very helpful way to show them how they can be successful in completing a project. Many students need to have examples in front of them to show them what is required in a project like this. This gives them a better understanding of what we expect from them. Another good way to gain knowledge about the dragonflies is through reading the book called “Are you a Dragonfly?” by Judy Allen. Through reading the student can expand their vocabulary and a better meaning of the words.

By reading the book it not only helps them with their vocabulary word but it also give them information about the dragonflies. The assessment method that I chose was to ask the students questions about what they have learned about the dragonfly. I also feel that another good way is the have them share what they have learned with their fellow classmates. Lastly reviewing the chart that we did together as a class will also reinforce what they have learned and will give the teacher an insight of what they have learned.

We as teachers needs to make sure that we include comprehensible input. This is important because it makes sure that the students complete the assignment and understand what they have learned. In order to make sure that this is done we may need to offer them the materials for this lesson in their native language that they can use in class and take home to review with their parents.

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