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Universal Human Right

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What, according to H. Gene Blocker, are the most important historical sources of the idea that all humans possess inalienable rights? To what extent, if at all, do you see those sources reflected in contemporary cultureAccording to H. Gene Blocker, the most important historical sources of the idea that all humans possess inalienable rights or “natural” human rights have its roots from “the ancient medieval notions of natural law and natural, or human, rights” and this philosophy of ideas evolved from pre-modern ideas of philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato, Cicero, to medieval and modern set of ideas coming from Aquinas, Hobbes, Locke, Jefferson, Jeremy Bentham, Eleonore Roosevelt to the United Nations 1947 Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the list of non-human rights of animals, corporation, and nation to the government’s rights on the behalf of entities such as comatose patients and infants to group rights of people, and finally, to “the universal human rights that has become the de facto international standard to which all heads of state at least pay lip service.”

I see those sources reflected in our contemporary culture in a way that those sources frame and form our modern government today, and we, as people, are entitled to enjoy and live the rights of life, liberty, and property, equality, justice, etc., that is supported based on reason and consider it as legal rights within the bound of national or international law, however, there are still some people who live within the confines of the natural laws, but still posed threats to other people’s liberties, that’s why a government was formed to guarantee people’s right or human “inalienable” rights, but the problem is, the abstract concept of what constitutes universal human rights exactly and how can these rights be respected by all. Who can ensure that those human rights or universal human right be properly guarded, enforced, and protected? It seems that those sources reflected in our modern society such as respecting the human rights of others, are reflected only to Western societies and other societies but are not reflected in Arab-Islamic societies, other patriarchal societies, and the rest of totalitarian societies. If there are various cultures and societies which do not share the same interpretations.

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