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Types of Relationships

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A mother and daughter are fighting and they both refuse to talk to each other while brother runs way because he has let his father down or, a boss hitting on his or her employees. These are the different types of relationships every human bean can connect to one of these scenarios. As people meet new people he or she grows by different relationships like parents and children, friendship, teacher and student, business, and also monogamist. Parents and children tend to fuss and fight but, sometimes they reach that level that just make both side of the equation feel special. Mother a daughters mainly fight because their trying to be friends when mothers should be mothers and daughters should be daughters. Whenever mother and daughter stop fussing and start listening to each other the relationship feels so magical. Father and son are fighting because father finds out that his only son is gay but when really its fathers fault because he was out of his sons’ life of years. In actuality the father will still be behind his father 110% throughout the rest of his life giving him love and support. Daddy’s little girl always get their way just because it’s a girl and a girl is a princess in daddy eyes as mother is a queen. Baby boys are what mothers see and she just does not want him to grow up and leave the nest. Parents in general hate to see their babies change because he or she made them who they are today. People who have no blood relations but, still keep other people secrets and who would do anything for that person that is called a friend.

Friends are the people who would go to the edge of the earth for their friend all because something in that person made them care so much about him or her. Girls with girlfriends can sometimes be a pain in the neck because when two females have different opinions about something all hell breaks loose both girls want to get their point across but, neither girl wants to listen. When a woman walks in a place with their best friend they are as happy as a dog with a bone while both ladies have their husbands’ credit cards. It’s no different when a guy and his guy friend are watching the play-offs or the super bowl but one act of the other guy offends his manhood something bad will break loose because they may not ever talk again because of their hi egos. True friends will stick with their best friend through anything. Teachers and students relationships can be difficult because the teacher has total control over the student grades. There are different types of students; there are the slackers, the goodie two shoes, and the ones who would do their best but, the teacher refuses to see and multiple other types of students. Sometimes students are pressured and stressed to the point that he or she will fail because of it. Teachers can sometime be difficult to deal with by what is happening in his or her life. Say a student works and attend school and is taking care of their elderly parents that is one reason to be a little stressful while that’s happening the teachers father just past so, he or she misses a couple of days from their class that they must teach to his or her class and whenever he or she returns to class they are stressed out because of their parent that past.

After that the student gets all of extra papers and assignments. Teachers and student may have their altercations but, at the end of the semester teachers and students see what both of them have been through and the teacher sees how hard the student has been working his or her butt off so, the teacher become more understanding. In the workplace management and employees can bump heads all because there are different types of bosses and employees. Some bosses want to be his or her employee friend and that gives the employee the freedom to walk all over the boss. Employees are not always the bad guys but, most of them are because at the end of the day he or she is just working for that paycheck. For instance say an employee wants off and say the manager is quite fond of the employee he or she will accommodate him or her and cover the shift for them. Bosses have the power to build a person or break a person. When there is a male boss and a female employee they sometimes have a strong attraction if both people are single or unhappy in their marriage so what can happen, affairs. People sometimes favor other people more and it happens a lot in the workplace involving the employer and the employee.

Monogamist relationships are wonderful; being in any type of relationship is good to have because a relationship turns into love. Love is the strongest power on the planet, when there is a beautiful woman and a handsome man between the two there will be an attraction and when that attraction starts the two begins to talk and starts to connect with one another then comes a boyfriend girlfriend relationship. One type of couple is a homosexual couple they both care for one another but, in a normal heterosexual relationship most of them do not face all the “bull” the homosexuals have to face. For, standards stay a heterosexual couple wants to adopt a child they would have more of a chance to do so, rather than a homosexual couple would. Most people judge a book by its cover and not on what is actually happening both couples want to adopt a child mainly because neither couples are able to conceive a child or just to help a child in major need. People can be hard on one another that are why they tend to put each other in different categories. Relationships are formed in all types different categories such as parents and children, friendships, teachers and students, business, monogamist they all can be in the same categories because they types of relationships but, they are in different divisions.

Parents and children may have their faults as the child gets older because his or her parents do not want their child to make the same mistakes that they have made before. Friends some are there for a reason or just a season people mainly have friends for company or to get higher in life yet, friends do get in altercations at times but, a real friend stays to the end. Most people attend school and with school there are teachers and students now both teachers and students have disagreements on the grading issues it does not matter weather which category they are both in they will argue. Working can be hard on society period because no matter what position he or she may have they will most likely have someone ahead of them. Usually in a monogamist relationship people are supposed to be drawn to the opposite sex. People can be rude sometimes with emotions flying everywhere we all as humans have opinions and mankind is what created division/classification.

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