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Type of business, purpose and ownership

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1.1 Introduction
The British Heart Foundation is the UK’s Number 1 Heart Charity. Their vision “is a world where people don’t die prematurely from heart disease.” They were founded in 1961 by a group of medical specialists who wanted to give money to fund extra research to find out the causes of heart diseases. They were concerned about the number of people with Cardiovascular Heart Disease who were dying prematurely. They have been going for 53 years and have been helping people since then. They have been taking part in all events but the main one which is coming up in September is the Oxford to Cambridge Bike Ride. 1.2 Type of Business

The British Heart Foundation is a charity, so is in the tertiary industry and they aren’t looking to make any profits as they are raising money for a cause in order to prevent heart diseases. The British Heart Foundation is therefore a not for profit organisation. 1.3 What Sector is it under?

The British Heart Foundation is under the Voluntary sector and the Private sector, because they are a not for profit organisation as they are a charitable and a voluntary company. The British Heart Foundation is a registered charity which means that all of their money which they raise either from donations or from selling their products in a shop will go to the charity itself. 1.4 Size

The British Heart Foundation is a charity on a large scale as they have more than 3,000 staff working for them across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. They also have 25,492 volunteers in the UK with 22,742 in retail and 2,750 in fundraising for their events and their research. 1.5 Scale

The British Heart Foundation is a national business as they have more than 735 stores over the UK. The British Heart Foundation has shops in places like Birmingham, Crawley, East Grinstead, Horley, Redhill and Reigate. There are also stores in other cities and towns as well but too many to write down. 1.6 Ownership

The British Heart Foundation is a charity which is fully funded by the donation which they receive by the customers who donate either via the shop when they purchase any product or on the website and put their card details in which then goes directly to the charity itself which is then used for them to find a cure for heart disease to prevent people dying at a young age. is I the UK with 22, 742 in retail and 2,750 in fundraising. ey also have 25,492 volunteers i . rity on a large scale as they have more than 3,000 staff working for them across England, Se provided by the customers who are buying their products or on their website. tor and also Tesco is a one of the largest stores in the world with over 500,000 colleagues and serve millions of customers everyday both online and in their superstores. Tesco was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen from a market stall in London, East End. They have been going for 95 years this year. This year (2014) Tesco and Diabetes UK have raised £10 million throughout the years since they first partnered up. 2.2 Type of Business

Tesco is a Public Limited Company which means anyone can buy shares from the stock exchange. http://www.shareview.co.uk/4/Info/Portfolio/Default/en/Home/Products/Pages/Buyandsellshares.aspx you can buy shares on this website. Tesco has to pay their shareholders a percentage of their profits in dividends. The dividends then get sent to them through post or they go straight into their bank account. The amount that they get paid will depend on the price of the shares which will determine how much that person will get as their percentage. 2.3 What Sector is it under?

Tesco is under the tertiary sector, this is because they don’t make their products they have suppliers which sell their products to them in order for the suppliers to increase their market share and to also make sure that they get money as well and that they aren’t getting paid for their produce which they are producing they then sell it for them to get their money. 2.4 Size

Tesco is a large business as they have 500,000 colleagues working for them in the 12 markets which they have. The 12 markets are UK, India, Malaysia, Homeplus, Lotus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Kipa and China. 2.5 Scale

Tesco is an international business as they have stores all over the world. They provide a service to all customers who shop there and they also have a wider customer base because of the amount of markets they have opened over the world. 2.6 Ownership

Tesco is a Public Limited Company, this means that the business has limited liability to all of the shareholders depending on how much they have bought their share for and this means that they will be in financial stress because of the limited liability.

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