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Tutti Frutti

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The Frozen yogurt is a frozen desert that it includes yogurt and the other dairy products. It belongs to the mainstream public in the 1970s. By the 1980s the frozen yogurt was not popular and nobody knew about it and its ingredients and people never heard about it. After that by the 1990s, frozen yogurt became popular and it could attract a lot of people to buy and consume it. It was a healthy food. It captured 10% of the frozen desert market and it had a good selling growth around 117.6 million gallons. However, this industry sometimes face a risk and its value is going up and going down. The statistics illustrates this industry’s selling has gone down only 65 million gallons and its growth trend gone up near 12% in 2007. All expectations of this industry announce to grow by more than 4 billion and 18% increased by 2012.

Company Background:
Tutti frutti Malaysia start up its work in Malaysia since October 2009 with its first flagship store in Sunway pyramid that it offered customers variety of flavor. Those consist 40 delicious taste and over 30 different toppings. Tutti frutti owned by Naza Group of company in Malaysia. Naza Tutti frutti expanded their production brand is Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Brunei. Their plan was to start up another 4 stores. They wanted to open 25 outlets by the end of 2010 and 50 outlets by 2012. In April 2012, the number of Tutti frutti has captured 90 overall. Now, Tutti frutti Malaysia has 42 outlets: 33 in the Klang valley, 2 in Ipoh, 2 in Penang, 1 in Pahang and 3 in Johor. They want to expand their industry all over the the Malaysia like Malacca, Sabah, Negeri sembilan and Sarawak. Their wharehouse is located in commercial blocks near the areas where people are living (80%) and shopping malls (20%) by the 15000 sq ft area.

Naza tutti frutti were challenging the first 12 months of their business because the people didn’t know about their production and they did not have any information about it. But the Naza group struggled to improve people knowledge and give them information about the tutti frutti and benefits of consumption it. Tutti frutti frozen yogurt is a nutritious treat that it carries a goodness of probiotic, it is vital and natural components for health and promoting foods.

Major competitor

Side competitor

Substitution competitor

Tutti Frutti is facing little fierce competition. Independent outlets are fading out and chain brands (are) taking over. Yogen Fruz and moo cow are the nearest competitor but overall Tutti Frutti is leading the market segment. Based on our survey, one of key reason why customer choose Tutti Frutti is because the company has more store nationwide therefore creating availability, accessibility and awareness.

SWOT Analysis

a) versatility
b) rooms for innovation
c) availability
d) healthy product with low fat
e) lots of flavor

a) low total purchase per customer
b) price
b) it melts quickly
c) taste compared to ice cream
d) lack addictive element: coffee, fat,
e) weak brand recognition
f) low customer retention

a) demand from college, women and health conscious
b) customer indulge in inexpensive luxury during gloomy time
c) premium frozen yogurt: creamy, made in house compared to off the shelve
d) brand partnership: use limited time marketing campaign in partnership with other lifestyle brand
e) health awareness and related campaign

a) seasonality based on weather
b) Wide variety of competition
e) Large selection of product substitution
f) Potential price war with competitor


The strength of Tutti Frutti lies on its store availability. Based on our survey, most choose Tutti Frutti because of availability. As for the product, frozen yogurt which is marketed as healthy product with low fat content, is very flexible and versatile, with lots of rooms for innovation. Tutti Fruti also offer lots of flavor for customer to choose from.


The biggest weakness is it is price and it will remain as the biggest challenge for store trying to encourage repeat buyer. Since the price is expensive, total purchase per customer remains low. Based on our survey, most are not willing to pay more than RM10. Not only has it melted quickly, when comparing with ice cream the taste of frozen yogurt not taste that good. It also lacks the addictive element such as coffee. Fat is crucial element that contributes to better taste and creamy texture.


There are still demand from college student, women and health conscious population. Based on our survey, female buyers consist of 70%. Tutti Frutti may also consider to produce or market is as premium frozen yogurt offering. Tutti Frutti may also explore brand partnership for co-promotion. Tutti Frutti may also involve in health awareness campaign that is lead by Ministry of Health and other NGO.


Frozen yogurt remains seasonality based on weather. It is expected to have lower sales during cold and raining season as compared to hot season. Competition remains tough. Not only there are other frozen yogurt providers but Ice Cream Company Such As Baskin Robbin is also offering frozen yogurt. Furthermore, there are other substitute products such as ice shave that offers cheaper product as alternative to customer.


Industry/business life cycle

Frozen yogurt industry in our opinion has reach the maturity level. During the maturity stage full employment is reach, size of the business stabilizes and sales increase slowly. Tutti Frutti need to be a leader or leading in the segment frozen yogurt segment and in the same time need to ensure customers expand beyond the existing loyalty based. Competition becomes intense and pricing strategies are now competitive or promotional pricing. A lot of advertising is made to maintain sales growth. Promotion becomes significantly required and often used in competition

a) Brand

What is a brand? Brand is referring to logo, advertisement, service or product. Brand is a promise between company and its customer. It sums up the past experience goals of good reputation and the virtue of reputation of their customers. Customer experience is brand experience. It a promise that is practiced in organization to deliver differentiate service. It is important to do the right thing and deliver your promise, build long term sustainable relationship. Broad principle that defines brand values and turn into action. It describe the internal behavior which guide decision at all level. Company need to build relationship by engaging individual customers especially in narrow segments in two-way communications, building long-term relationships by promoting whichever of the company’s products the customer would value most at any given time. Brand will drive choice and create value (or the perception of value).

If the entire products are same, we normally choose the cheapest. It move customer decision beyond price by creating perceptive value which lead to higher margin and better profit. Company need build trust and commitment of brand experience; which summarize who we are, what we do and how we do. Again challenge yourself; do you know what your brand values and brand personality are? Do you know how they manifest themselves in your customer experience? If you don’t how are you delivering that promise?

b) Product

Frozen yogurt can be considered as fad product. They are novelties and have a short life cycle. Their characteristics are rapid sales on introduction but equally rapid decline. In our opinion, frozen yogurt product in Malaysia have also reach maturity level. Sales continue to increase but at a decreasing rate and the marketplace are approaching saturation with lots of competitors offering similar product. Prices and profits begin to fall.

Younger generation is significant portion of the client of Tutti Frutti. It is a challege to retaianing younger generation as repeat buyers. They are all about finding their individual identities and brands that make consumer feels empowered and celebrated will gain their loyalty.

c) Pricing

Pricing power is the power to raise price without losing business to a competitor. Better pricing company had manager who championed the development of skills in price setting (price orientation) and price getting (price realization). Price setting or price orientation is a method that companies use to determine final selling price. Price getting or price realization is the capabilities and processes that ensure price company get is as close as possible to the price company set. Instead of asking “how can we realize higher price despite intense competition?”, they ask “how can we create additional customer value and increase customer willingness to pay, despite intense competition?”

d) Research & Development

Innovate, create, invent, and invest.

Most small businesses that begin come to the rude awakening that “it’s not that easy” but survivors tend to change entire industries that were stuck in operating the “same old way” for years.

A critical element of business planning, research and development, or R&D, refers to your ability to gain knowledge in order to design, develop and enhance your product, services, technologies, or processes. If your company is a high-tech firm, R&D is number one on the list of capabilities crucial to your long-term success. Just because your company isn’t technology- or manufacturing-based, don’t assume that R&D isn’t a necessary capability

R&D is a valuable tool by which business can experience future growth by developing new products or processes to improve and expand their operations. Businesses that have an R&D strategy have a greater chance of success than businesses that don’t. An R&D strategy can lead to innovation and increased productivity and can boost your business’s competitive advantage.

Many established consumer goods companies spend large sums of money on improving old products. For example, Gillette spends quite a bit on R&D each year in ongoing attempts to design a more effective shaver. On average, most companies spend only a small percentage of their revenue on R&D (usually under 5%).


Demand should be created rather than fought over. There is ample opportunity for growth that is both profitable and rapid when demand is created. The innovation (in product, service, or delivery) must raise and create value for the market, while simultaneously reducing or eliminating features or services that are less valued by the current or future market. By applying the four actions framework of eliminate, reduce, raise and create, one is able to reconstruct an existing industry offering to pursue differentiation (raise and create new key factors of unprecedented value) while lowering costs (reduce and eliminate key factors that are overdesigned or causing buyers to refuse your offering).

Based on DuPont Model, in order to increase the Return on Asset which is a measurement of performance, Tutti Frutti need to concentrates increasing sales and building brand experience while in the same time improving efficiency of the operation and asset usage while keeping the cost and waste at minimal. Cost management does not mean cost cutting but rather managing cost so that the asset can be utilized to its full potential to produce more.

Sales maximization (Draw/ frequency/volume?)
Brand experience

Brand experience.

Paying counter are place need to entrance to greet customer; used by pizza hut.

Great Customer Experiences are differentiated by focusing on stimulating planned emotions. What is the emotion you are trying to evoke in your customers? Emotions are the driving force behind all human behavior. The famous Vice President of Marketing for IBM, Buck Rodgers said: “People buy emotionally and then justify with logic”. Uncovering latent and unmet user needs demands the use of contextual and generative design research techniques optimized for discovering the valuable insights that drive innovation and create brand experiences that delight customers. Such techniques as empathetic immersion, user observation and participatory design serve to provide a deeper understanding of what is truly important to customers. This enable the information required to create product experiences that are authentic, meaningful and engaging. Providing your customers with these types of compelling experiences results in increased customer loyalty and superior long-term business results.

Pricing Reconstruction
Offering fixed price product.
Restructure price of topping to make it cheaper to include topping which will lead to better taste and experience.

Main product
a)sugar free product that focused on diabetic clients since there are not many sugar free product yet in the market.
b) market as GUILT FREE product.
c) premium yogurt
d) opposite strategy: full cream yogurt with stevia

Complementary product
Based on our survey, customers are interested to try frozen yogurt with waffle, cakes, scones and smoothies.

d) Research & Development

When a product is more about clever engineering than customer needs, sales can suffer. For example, engineers like to pack lots of features into products, but we know that customers can suffer from feature fatigue, which hurts future sales. To make sure that product decisions reflect real-world needs, the customer must be brought into the design process. Integrating R&D and marketing is a good way to do that. In an industry where manufacturers must introduce scores of new offerings every year, the group’s ability to translate customer input about features and value into hit product offerings is legendary. Among its customer.

Consumers from all over the world are creating and updating the product or service of a brand, without charging for it. This may sound impossible but in reality however shows it is feasible. Take Wikipedia for example the practice of product or service creation that is collaboratively executed, by both the firm and customer, together at multiple points of interaction within experience environments to create mutual value. Platform like consumer communities have given an opportunity to share information and feelings, without the former barriers (distance, communication cost). These communities have become more and more interesting for firms, because here consumers meet to talk about experiences with a brand or product, which can help the reputation of that particular product or brand. Firms should no longer operate autonomously without interference of consumers in different parts of the value chain.


Action Plan- Marketing Mixes

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is a brand originated from California, United States and is a largest retailer of specialty self-serve premium frozen yogurt in the world. Naza Tutti Frutti (M) Sdn Bhd is a Master License Holder for Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt in Malaysia. Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt in Malaysia has Halal certification from:

i. Islamic Services of America Halal Certificate
ii. The Islamic Food And Nutrition Council Of America Halal Product Certificate iii. Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia Bahagian HAB Halal
iv. Islamic Services of America Halal Certificate
v. Complete Halal Certificate
vi. Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM)

Types of flavours

There are two types of Tutti Frutti product types which are tart and creamy. Tutti Frutti has 29 types of tart flavours, 31 types of creamy flavours and 8 types of soy flavours.

Tutti Frutti has various types of yogurt flavours. Tutti Frutti should continue this existing strategy that enables to consumer to pick the flavor based on their preferences.

Tutti Frutti products come with the ingredients for customers’ information and also have information such as for each flavour:
i. Non-fat
ii. Low-fat
iii. Dairy
iv. Non-Dairy

New product

As the Marketing Mix 4 Principle says; A product is seen as an item that satisfies what a consumer needs or wants. Hence we would like to suggest Tutti Frutti to venture into new product which is yogurt cupcakes. Cupcakes are in hot trend nowadays. Many people prefer cupcakes over a normal cake. Hence this would be a good time for Tutti Frutti to start making Frozen Yogurt Cupcakes.

Tutti Frutti offers around 43 types of topping which includes mix jelly, coco balls, peach, marshmallow, chocolate chip, cookies, chocolate milk, cornflakes, dragon fruit, kiwi and many more. Tutti Frutti should explore and come up with more toppings for consumers’ choice. We are looking at expanding the current target market to cater age group 25-35. By coming up with new topping flavours that age group 25-35 consumers would prefer, Tutti Frutti could attract more people at the same time this creates value for long term sustainability. Suggestion of toppings for age group 25 – 35 would be as listed below:

i. Fresh blueberries
ii. Toasted coconut
iii. Granola
iv. Peppermint
v. Green tea
vi. Coffee
vii. Nachos
viii. Sunflower seeds
Besides focusing on the age group 25-35 people, in order to sustain the current market group, Tutti Frutti should explore into the various toppings as well. Suggestions of toppings all age groups would be as listed below:

i. Kit-Kat
ii. Honey stars
iii. Peanut butter
iv. Brownies
v. Honey
vi. Cheese sprinkles
vii. Cheesecake pieces
viii. Mandarin oranges
ix. Horlicks tablets

Health focused product
Further suggestions to Tutti Frutti would be providing more sugar free optioned products. A study done by the Ministry of Health last year revealed that one out of five people above the age of 30 suffer from diabetes. Malaysia has the highest rate of diabetes in the region. By 2020, it is predicted that there will be 4.5 million diabetics in Malaysia above the age of 18. This is an important factor for Tutti Frutti to take note on. If there prediction comes true, then lesser consumers would opt for Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. Hence, the best solution to be taken in a short term plan would be come up with more sugar free options. This is an important factor for long term sustainability of Tutti Frutti. Tutti Frutti could come up with a signboard which shows distribution of calories, sugar, carbohydrate, protein and fat. The more visibility on health would attract more consumer of all groups especially our focus on expanding into age group 25-35.

Besides the above listed health product suggestions, Tutti Frutti can come up with a special area for organically produced yogurt in all flavours and organic fruit and other toppings. Organic foods are foods that are produced using methods of organic farming — that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic foods are also not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, or chemical food additives. This would increase the consuming rate in children. Parents nowadays give importance to their kids’ health. By coming with this, the will be increase sales among the kids age group.

Volume and size

Next will be the volume of Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. Tutti Frutti should consider increasing the size of serving spoon for the ease of consumers. It would be good if Tutti Frutti could come up with large pot for families. We have family package in most of the fast food. By coming up with a large pot, families would consider buying in large quantity especially for family gatherings.

Tutti Frutti has around 140 outlets across Malaysia. It has expanded its business in Klang Valley, Northern, Southern, East Coast and East Malaysia. Place in marketing mix refers to providing the product at a place which is convenient for consumers to access. Various strategies such as intensive distribution, selective distribution, exclusive distribution and franchising can be used by the marketer to complement the other aspects of the marketing mix. Based on our survey, Tutti Frutti should expand their outlets in few more places. We have picked a place where it would generate good sales and profit for Tutti Frutti if it opens the outlet in Jelapang, Perak.

Jelapang, Perak

Jelapang is a town in Kinta district, Perak, Malaysia. It is a northern suburb of Ipoh, the state capital. It is also the site of the infamous Jelapang toll plaza of the North-South Expressway.

We have chosen this place as it is developing tremendously and it’s a money-spinner for Tutti Frutti. Based on our survey, the biggest MYDIN wholesale hypermarket was newly opened in Jelapang. As per our survey 55% of people would prefer if Tutti Frutti is in a shopping mall. Hence, MYDIN in Jelapang would be a bizarre choice.

There is also a golf club in Jelapang which would attract the higher earning income people. As per our survey the properties in Meru Valley Golf Resort is more than RM1 Million, this shows the earning capacity of the residents in the area could easily afford Tutti Frutti.

It is also predicted that the developing Meru Raya Township near Jelapang, famous for its rapid commercial and residential development is expected to achieve a gross domestic value (GDV) of RM5.4 billion by year 2020.

As per the information taken from the Perak Corporation Berhad Development Sdn Bhd (PCBD) the township development known as “Bandar Meru Raya” (BMR) with an acreage of 1500 acres, is located in the north of the city of Ipoh, Perak. Objective of the BMR is to develop self-contained, integrated, modern and efficient Township with working, shopping, recreational facilities, a centre of administration, commercial, corporate, tourism activities and quality living supported by integrated ICT. Population surrounding BMR is more than 100,000 people. Some of existing government institutions being located at BMR such as Kementerian Hal Ehwal Dalam Negeri (KHEDN), Jabatan Audit Negeri Perak and Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Perak. Whereas projects that will be develop in the future are Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM), BOMBA, MARA, Complex Yayasan Perak, Jabatan Arkib and Jabatan Ketua Pengarah Tanah & Galian (JKPTG).

This would be an excellent opportunity for Tutti Frutti to open their outlet.

Pricing is an important aspect for Tutti Frutti because it is very much relates to product positioning in the frozen yogurt industry. Besides that, price will eventually affect the other marketing mix elements such as product features, distribution channels and promotions as well as directed towards profit maximization, product development and refreshment over the time. Based on our own research, Tutti Frutti should expand current target market to cater 25 – 35 age groups and focuses on this segment in the long term, where we believe this extension will be most valued for Tutti Frutti especially in generating profit. This is because these age groups of people are the income earner able to afford the price and willingness to pay at higher prices. Besides that, Tutti Frutti’s pricing strategy should focus on quality in which consumer to label and judge the product as “product-quality”. The product has to reflect its special trait and satisfy the consumers in return for value of money consumer are paying. Since quality comes with price, consumers should be able to distinguish the quality and benefits of Tutti Frutti and they are ready to spend for value creation.

In the other hand, since frozen yogurt industry in Malaysia is still new with limited competition and low substitute available in the market, Tutti Frutti should focus to capitalize on it by integrating “Differentiated Pricing Strategy”. This is also a reflection of Tutti Frutti as demonstrating the market power. This is because, a differential pricing strategy allows Tutti Frutti to adjust pricing based on various situations or circumstances. The price variations that Tutti Frutti can adopt can be in different forms, from discounts for a particular age group of people (student vs income earner) to coupons or rebates for a purchase. For example, since consumer is selecting the purchase price, Tutti Frutti can offer quantity discounts in giving reduction in price for consumers who buy at par or above a stated volume to be set by Tutti Frutti. Secondly, giving seasonal discounts on seasonal local fruit yogurt will be beneficial. For example, during ‘durian’ season, you can give discount for consumers buying ‘durian’ frozen yogurt.

By implementing this strategy, this will assist Tutti Frutti’s consumer in knowing to purchase at the right time or season to achieve greatest savings and purchase it at the best price and in the other hand, reducing the price will help Tutti Frutti gain an competitive advantage. Besides that, knowledge of differential pricing allows Tutti Frutti to determine if this strategy is a possibility to gain market competitiveness. For example, with the suggested target market, (income earner) Tutti Frutti can leverage on unique selling proposition and sell the product at a higher price since the target market is not “price-sensitive”. This is supported with Tutti Frutti’s capabilities that have enabled to satisfy consumer’s needs, which are difficult to imitate by the any new competitor in future.

As we know, Tutti Frutti is not only serving market worldwide with more flavors but also gives enriching experience to decide the price parameters which relies on the consumers preferences (choice of containers, flavors and toppings). The price that the consumers pay is based on per gram, as such every consumer pays according to the weight of the cup. Allowing consumer to choose their own price is an innovation & perfect price strategy. Tutti Frutti should continue this existing strategy that enables to charge price based on quantity preferred by consumer which will generate large profit margins on each frozen yogurt sold. By implementing the above suggested strategies, Tutti Frutti can successively generate profits from the different segments as well as to recover cost of development & technology which subsequently help to exploit Tutti Frutti brand which will be perceived as value for money & the brand’s commitment to quality.

In order to successfully implement a marketing campaign, Tutti Frutti has to adopt several channels of promotion such as event marketing and sponsorship, public relations publicity and use of social media.

T-Shirts to Promote Tutti Frutti

We strongly believe that, T-shirts are one of best way to promote business which can help bring more money in. Research shows that people make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interaction with people or products. It also shows that about 62-90 percent of the assessment is based on colors alone.
1 Based on research, color has a powerful effect on every part of our lives, without even saying a word, an understanding of meanings of color in business gives valuable insight and able get the best response in marketing and promotional efforts and ultimately to create a successful business.
2 In applying color in business to enhance Tutti Frutti’s business profile and marketing, we recommend Tutti Frutti to use Red which gives positive meanings such as action, passion, power and energy, Black color that represent elegance and quality and White represent new beginnings, creates simplicity, efficiency, equality and fairness. These colors will create a fresh image and blow away any negative misconceptions in industry in general. Using black t-shirt for selling and marketing Tutti Frutti’s product to youth market is seen as cutting edge and trendy. In line with Tutti Frutti’s target market, the youth market tends to be attracted to black with its sophistication and rebelliousness. We have designed T-shirt for Tutti Frutti’s for different events. The reason we change multiple color is to have the t-shirt attractive and eye catching so that people will take notice and remember Tutti Frutti’s.

T-shirt for staff/ employees:
Tutti Frutti should emphasis its employees to ware T-Shirt as uniforms for special event. This contributes to brand recognition. For example, if Tutti Frutti employee’s to hand out flyers, they should give them a corporate t-shirt to wear. This combination will push to much likely to remember Tutti Frutti’s slogan and company.

T-shirt for company events:
We believe customized t-shirts are also great and able to offer Tutti Fruitt’s consumer and the people Tutti Fruit are hoping to become customers too. They should also present themselves with company t-shirt during the occasions or any social event Tutti Fruitt involved in. For example, having Tutti Fruitt participating in a marathon and requesting all participating employees put on the t-shirts. The choice of red color t-shirt is because it will create awareness about the existence of Tutti Fruitt’s product in the market. Apart from that, it will make Tutti Fruitt’s employees feel a sense of belonging towards the company.

Furthermore, if you don’t feel the need for formal wear on some occasions or attending business seminars then you can wear a company t-shirt. This will help Tutti Frutti‘s branding.

T-shirt for University/Public Event:
With the existing target market (between 18 – 25 age group) and target market we have suggested, university student & income earner (between 26 – 35 age group), black T-shirts will make perfect giveaways at University/Public events, such as sporting, team building events and outdoor festivals. These are the great way to raise awareness and help promote Tutti Fruit’s business. Beside that, Tutti Frutti should also consider to give away t-shirt for University/Public sporting events and wearing black color T-shirt will attract a couple of student/public to watch and play against. At the same time, Tutti Fruitti employee should also enter tournaments and this will have hundreds of people looking at Tutti Frutti’s advertising. Tutti Frutti’s custom logos on the t-shirts will be a great way to spread the word. As more people being able to see Tutti Frutti’s name printed on t-shirts, it will build up Tutti Frutti‘s reputation. For example, if Tutti Frutti plan to take part in corporate social responsibility event, and having employees wear a custom t-shirt, community able to see the fantastic job Tutti Frutti’s employees are doing and know to call Tutti Frutti‘s business for quality work.

Finally, nowadays the use of t-shirts as advertising medium has become an important marketing mix elements in every day affair to make people aware of their products in the markets. We have designed the t-shirts pretty much in different colors and match with organizations logo and name with the event they are participating in. Tutti Frutti should select the perfect promotional t-shirt for the target market and event by considering style, color and Tutti Fruitt logo. This is because t-shirt can be a great promotional product to create a viral marketing campaign around university campuses, corporate events, concerts and charity events.

Sales Promotion

Tutti Fruitt should continue to focus on sales promotions & more focused to have periodically in order to capture the attention of consumers. Sales promotions are often successful when featuring price-cut and value-added offerings. These promotional items will enhance consumer loyalty towards Tutti Frutti and raise brand value.

Event Marketing & Sponsorship
Tutti Fruitt should increase sponsorships of major national events such as sporting events to increase its public profile and continue to take part in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events. By sponsoring events, it will enhance Tutti Fruitt’s corporate image. This soft sell is a means to improve the public perceptions that Tutti Fruitt is a caring and socially-conscious organization. This is a good way for private business entity to give back to society. Social Media : Interactive Marketing via Email, SMS, Facebook alerts With today’s high-tech environment where the world is highly and seamlessly connected, Tutti Fruitt’s should ensure all the different interactive marketing channel is used to reach the target market. Currently, the website is only a 1-way information portal.

Going forward, Tutti Fruitt needs to enhance the website to not just include information about the product and features but also to be used for interactive marketing and facilitate 2-way communications with customers. For the examples, the website can include link to social media, interactive chatting service and alert customers via emails, SMSs and even Twitter. Tutti Fruitt should also eencourage current customers to “check in” Tutti Fruitt’s Facebook and by doing this, it will lead customer rewarded with a discount. This approach to engage customers on social media to get the word out about Tutti Fruitt’s product and will enable Tutti Fruitt to measure customer’s level of satisfaction.

Optimisations & Standardization of Web Site

Business having website are important considering the advantages they provide to business profit making and the current trend of Generation Y continuously becoming active using online service. Tutti Frutti had make the right decision in employing Website and it’s time for the company to re-vamps its website. Link within website plays important part in making remarkable consumer online experiences. Based on our checks on the current website, we believe a strategic development of relevant and suitable link would improve Tutti Frutti website user friendliness, performance and subsequently increase website visitor. For example links & change of colour font within the site is not very clear.

For example:
Image 1 : Link is used to direct visitor to have more information on the new product in the ‘Promotion’ tab but in the ‘ Happenings’ tab of ‘Newsroom’ section is not linked to any of the content in the site and at the same time, “Gallery section is linked.

With the rapid growth of the Internet, Tutti Frutti should understand that the demand for wireless or internet connection has increased. Since our target market is Generation Y whom prefers to stay connected to the Internet, thus Tutti Fruitti should follow the trend of offering wireless Internet connection regardless of it being free or with charges applied.

Established Affiliation

Since the frozen yogurt industry is still new in Malaysia, Tutti Frutti should find affiliate networks or partners who can assist in helping with the branding by established affliction with various Government agencies, banks, and private organization and education institutions. Affiliation and partnership will ensure greater knowledge share and best practise among companies within companies in frozen yogurt industry internal and globally. In addition having good networking & partnership, Tutti Frutti should be able to build excellent client relationship.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is essential for every business which can give customers motivation to make frequent visit. For example, adding quizzes to Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt business by having customers try the most flavor combinations or have a flavor suggestion contest. Apart from that, customer referrals are a highly valuable marketing tool. For example, friend is recommending a product to another friend in which the friend gets discount for bringing the friend which will instantly boost in profit. Tutti Frutti can manage these referrals via facebook to ensure proper control.

Special rates for University student

Tutti Frutti should offer special rates for student via schools groups, individual groups who are studying in various higher education intuitions. For example, host “happy hour” with discounted frozen yogurts or free yogurt for student with every purchase.


In line with Tutti Frutti’s vision and mission, the company should emphasis on marketing plan to further promote and strengthen its brand in the mind of customer in the market. As we have outlined & recommended, in today’s highly competitive environment, T Tutti Frutti has to strategically reflect the best fit marketing strategies in order to retain competitive advantages in the rapidly changing business environment. Tutti Frutti should consider adding a new product which is the Frozen Yogurt cupcakes as the current trend is there plus the increase in cupcakes demand is very high in Malaysia.

In order for Tutti Frutti to sustain it should explore and come up with more toppings which are preferable by Malaysians especially venturing into organic yogurts flavours and organic fruit toppings to encourage parents to introduce Tutti Frutti to their kids. Though Tutti Frutti has around 140 outlets across Malaysia, we propose a good place for Tutti Frutti to open their outlet, which is Bandar Meru Raya in Jelapang which is booming. The implementation of the marketing plan needs everyone’s cooperation & participation from Tutti Frutti management to staffs. This in return helps Tutti Frutti’s to further promote its brand and strengthening its position in the market. We believe the Marketing Plan that we have developed for Tutti Frutti, could further expand and enable it to build its business by continuing to broaden its customer service. The marketing plan should always be referred as guidance by Tutti Frutti throughout the period of the plan.







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