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Tourism in Mongolia

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In 1990 tourism sector has been privatized and private sector investment increased Number of tourists have reached to 457,514 in 2011 Total income of tourism sector was 282 million USD in 2011 700 tour operator company 350 hotel and 375 tourist camps 65 star rated hotels

National tourism program

Marketing strategy plan

Regional development master plan

Master plan for Ulaanbaatar region

Master plan for Central region

Master plan for Western Region

Master plan for Eastern Region

Regional Tourism Development Program

Omnogobi was one of the first aimags in Mongolia to develop tourism since 1963 and remains one of the most popular destinations in Mongolia  Between 20 000 and 40 000 tourists visit each year  There are 19 tourist camps with a total of 1311 beds

Main destinations
 The main attraction for international visitors is the desert landscape  Most tourists visit three destinations Khonghoryn Els, Yolyn Am and Bayanzag.  Other destinations receive far fewer visitors.

Flaming Cliffs
It is a spectacular escarpment and valley made famous by the discovery of important dinosaur finds, including the first dinosaur eggs.

Yolyn Am
This is one of a series of valleys in the Gurvan Saikhan mountains and notable because it retains ice through most of the year, ice in a desert in the summer.  Has a number of rare bird species including Kovlov’s Accentor and Altai Snowcock and is regularly visited by specialist bird-watching tours.

Khongor Sand Dunes
This is one of the largest and most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia, with a stream and seasonal marsh at their base which attracts large numbers of birds on migration. There are tourist camps near the dunes and several herder groups receive tourists in gers and offer camel rides so that tourism is their main source of income.

Mining The development of mining provides a number of opportunities for tourism development: improved infrastructure will make it easier for tourists to reach Omnogobi; a growing population especially in Khanbogd soum will provide a new market; and international mining companies have made commitments to corporate social responsibility and already support a number of initiatives helping local communities. Cross-border tourism Large numbers of Chinese tourists visit tourism complexes in Inner Mongolia and it may be
possible to attract them to resorts in Omnogobi.

Other destinations

The three Buddhist monasteries of Danzan Raja in Khanbogd soum are under State Protection. The monastery at Demchogiin Khiid is being restored and a series of stupas have been built. The monastery is described as the World Energy Centre, but the designation is ambiguous for international tourists and many Mongolians.


There are extensive petroglyphs on rocky hillsides at various locations within the aimag; the best preserved are Khatsgait in Bulgan, Urt in Momgon, Javkhlant in Khanbogd and Salhit in Sevrey Tdepict animals and hunting.hese are considered to be upto 4000 years old and


Improve safe investment condition on economy and legal framework Develop infrastructure supply capacity Built National paleontological institute and Dinosaur museum Improve the quality of service To develop a balance between existing markets and developing new market in cross-border tourism. Support PPP

• Improve the quality of services provided to tourists so that they meet
international standards. • Increase the number of destinations able to receive tourists • To contribute to protection and enhancement of natural environment • Support livelihood of rural communities • Conserve and promote Mongolian culture and history • Establish innovative governance and funding for tourism development

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