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Top Beach Resorts in the World: An Analysis

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Traveling around the world is a-dream-come-true for a lot of people.  People travel for relaxation or break from the chains of boredom in their “regular life”, to taste the different flavors of the world, to see the various wonders and places in the world and to get exposed to the different lives and diverse cultures of different countries. (Lansky, 2003)   One of the best ways to experience all these is by vacationing in beach resort where one not only gets to enjoy the picture perfect scenes of the world, the breezes that lets people drift away from worries, as well as the amenities, foods and activities that reflects the uniqueness and beauty of the hosts’ cultures.  Hereunder are five beach resorts explored, which are among the best in the world, whether for a family vacation, a romantic getaway or simply fun and relaxation.

Al Sawadi

Located at the South Eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is the home to one of the world’s unsurpassed paradise, the Al Sawadi Beach Resort, which is situated within marvelously designed gardens that reflect the customary Oman culture in terms of design on one of the most serene and calm private beaches of the Sultanate of Oman.  The beach resort faces the soothing and relaxing row of islands of the Sawadi.  Lodging in the hotel features an excellent choice of 100 spacious chalet-style guest rooms categorized as follows: King Room, Twin Room and camping in tents, each designed in stylish backgrounds with private terraces leading to the verdant gardens and provided with basic amenities, from satellite TVs, Internet connections, tubs and mini bars.

Food reflects culture.  (Shapiro, 2004) Local gastronomic food reflects the salient marks of Omani culture in terms of flavor and hospitality. The cuisine is integration of Middle Eastern, classical and new Continental cookery offered by a variety of restaurants, bars and other eateries such as the Coral reef café for a relaxed and informal dining, the Al Kanjhar, which specializes in genuine Omani food in traditional style by the Omani Shuaa, the Taj, which features Indian cuisines such as the naan bread and assorted tikkas, and the Hut Supper Club, which is a restobar for dancing and winding up the night away, among others. If one wants to dine or party in a venue that overlooks the whole island, one can opt to go to the Sawadi tower.

The hotel provides amenities both for business and pleasure.  For the former, the Daymaniyat Ballroom, a 192 square meter versatile room can be used for formal gatherings or events.  For the latter, the resort is a recreations haven featuring facilities such as  a temperature controlled pool, a volleyball court, a Health and exercise club, and a mini golf- putting course, among others. On the other hand, if one simply wants to get lazy yet rejuvenated, one can simply get an Ayurvedic herbal oil massage or stay in the Sauna.

The fun indeed never stops because different water sports have been provided for visitors to enjoy the beautiful beach such as the Banana ride, Tube ride, Kayaks, aqua bike, water skiing, jet ski, peddle boat and boat excursions, which allows one to go around the stunning Sawadi Isles or wished to be dropped at a isolated shore beaches in one of the isles.   Deep sea ocean adventure is available through diving activities to enjoy far-fetched marine fauna and flora that inhabit the Daymaniyat reefs. Incidentally, comprehensive diving courses can be selected from bubble Maker, Scuba Review up to Dive Master.

To complete the experience in the area, it is advisable to take the excursion to learn the essence of Oman.  The tour includes a trip to the historical Muscat, a view of the Al Bustan Palace Hotel, Nakhl and Rustaq, the castle-fort of Bait Al Naahman and the Waheeba desert.

Sandy Lane

Known as the premier get away in the Caribbean islands fancied by royalties like Queen Elizabeth, celebrities like Elton John, famous politicians like Tony Blair, world’s top businessmen and other rich and famous personalities, ‘Sandy Lane’ is an all inclusive luxurious resort in Saint James, Barbados that opened in 1961. (Comer, 2003)

Sandy Lane features 112 luxurious rooms available depending on one’s preferences known as the Ocean rooms and suites, Dolphin suites and 2 Penthouses.  It also has an astonishing 5-bedroom villa, which is practically like a grand lavish house within the hotel situated in flourishing, radiantly landscaped, exquisite gardens with private way into the Sandy Lane beach.

Aside from the outdoor recreational activities of Tennis, and Unlimited Water sports for all guests, the resort focuses on the four recreational activities that are often associated with the rich and famous, golf, spa, dining and shopping.

Sandy Lane features 45 holes of golf on three exclusive and extravagant courses known as the Green Monkey, with an exclusive par 72; the Country Club, which features blossoming green, 5 water obstacle lakes and flawlessly severed fairways, and the Old Mine, which features the renowned Old Nine course strolls and saunters.

The Spa features a grand Romanesque edifice with an impressive waterfall façade surging into the huge formless pool and manned by highly skilled therapists who will invigorate the guests’ body and spirit. The Spa therapy is a unique combination of traditional therapies from the Caribbean, the Far East and Europe with a stable notion of vigor and comfort.  Capping the therapies and treatment is the Barbadians’ unparalleled hospitality, which provides excessive individualized care to each guest.

In terms of dining, the hotel has offers a choice of fine dining restaurants in the vicinity such as the L’Acajou  for a world cuisine  and seafood  delicacies and the Bajan Blue, a beach restaurant where guests dine at the kitchen. Bars are strategically located around the resort for convenience and pleasure such as the Monkey Bar, the Terrace Lounge,  Beach Bar and Spa Café.

If there is anything that the rich and famous are better known for, it is lavish spending of money.  Thus, Sandy Lane offers a subtle assembly of boutiques that tenders a wide range of clothes, gifts and other items often at tax-free prices.  For one’s golfing needs, the Country Golf Pro Shop was established. For a enthralling collection of exceptional and glamorous beach wear from prominent fashion houses, the Gatsby  was established on the Beach Level in front of the Terrace approximate the Newstands for magazines, newspapers and other needs.  Finally for the of exquisitely distinctive jewel stones that demarcates the rich and the famous from the rest, guest can visit the Jewelers or the Galleria.

As a family oriented vacation paradise, the Sandy Lane features a special facility for children known as the Tree House Club.  Younger children will definitely enjoy activities such as the Oceans of Fun, Alphabet Soup and Fins, Feathers and Fur.  Older Children will enjoy Caribbean Carnival, Sandy Lane All Sports and Fly Fun Festival.  Other activities in the tree house club that children and parents can look forward to are  Bubble Fun, Wave jumping, Sand sculptures, Rock-climbing, Island Safari trips, Pirate’s Treasure Hunt, Under the Sea mural, and Finger painting among many others.

Integrating classic elegance with luxuriant amenities, Sandy Lane Resort posts itself as the ultimate resort for the rich and famous.

Dos Palmas Arreceffi

Made up of 1768 islands in an archipelagic nation constituted by 7,100 islands, Palawan was baptismal name given by Chinese merchants in the Philippines way back in the 9th century, which is originally from the word “Palaoyu” meaning the land of beautiful safe port. (Woods, 2005) Thus, the name alone reflects the beauty of the paradise since time immemorial.  Home of Supercilious Mountain ranges, primeval forests, and the Longest Underground River in the world, Palawan is a haven for the world’s most beautiful resorts in the world.   In the Busuanga/Coron area, renowned beach resorts include the Coral Bay,  El Rio Y Mar, Kaniki, and Rio Playa, among others.  In the Cuyo Area, there is the Amanpulo.  In El Nido Area, there is the Dolarog and Malapacao Island Retreat.  In Roxas, there is the CocoLoco Resort and the Flower Island Resort in Taytay. (Rowthorn, 2003) Finally, in Central are the Marina De Bay and the resort that I want to feature, the Dos Palmas Arreceffi.

Located in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines, Dos Palmas Arreceffi Island Resort is simply one among the many island resorts in Palawan which offer all the modern facilities of a tourist while being amidst the immaculate natural environs of the tropical world. Situated in a 20-hectare island, Dos Palmas apparently provide the customary recreational facilities, amenities and activities of a world class resort.  Sports facilities are available for basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton and billiards. Sports water facilities for scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, island hopping and fishing are available. Tropical Spa is available for rejuvenating the body including a body massage, foot spa, body smoothies and a sauna bath.

In terms of accommodations, visitors are offered a choice of bay cottages and garden cottages.  The former pertains to Cottages standing above water for guests to capture those breathtaking scenes of the bay and sun.  The latter refers to cottages in dry land nestled in stunning tropical gardens.  All cottages are equipped with facilities that provide the comforts and convenience of modern life such as air conditioning; toilet and bath and phone. Other services include baby sitting services, safety deposit box, Internet, Souvenir shop and a lot others in a far-flung seventh heaven. Dos Palmas incorporates the convenience of modern living within the exquisiteness and repose of a tropical paradise.  Finally, dining is more of a choice of your own venue, which is principally served by the Kara-e-nan restaurant. For an ideal night out, one can either go to the Ereneman bar or the videoke lounge at Karawatan.

Dos Palmas ultimately owes its advantage on the splendor of the Palawan Island, which is known to have the most magnificent seascapes in the world.  Spreading out underneath its vast seas over 10 thousand square kilometers of coral reefs, which is a home to countless species of underwater exotic fishes and garden.

Ras Nungwi

At the northern edge of Zanzibar Island is Ras Nungwi Beach resort overlooking the dazzling breadth of the gleaming Indian Ocean. The opulent grounds descend onto one of the most superb and unsullied island beaches in the world tasseled by broad and flourishing reefs. The most proximate of reef transforms into a picturesque during low tides when the sun illuminates the sand bars and rock pools heaving with underwater verve. Instilled with the shoddy, outlandish soul of Zanzibar people, Ras Nungwi is the ultimate place to relax and take pleasure in a once in a lifetime experience that world can give.

Seated in a bravura of natural bliss, the hotel is a melodious mishmash of nature where visitors enjoy the gorgeousness of nature and the advantage of modern living with its swish lodgings and chalet rooms, and the dazzling Ocean Suite i.e. air-conditioning, select bathroom amenities and mini bars. The hotel design features an eco-sensitive style that creates a graceful steadiness of terrain and marine surroundings.

The hotel is equipped with all sports facilities typically offered in a five star vacation paradise such as a pool, table tennis, and exercise facilities, among others.  For outdoor activities, all water sports activities are also available such as Snorkeling, Water-skiing, Windsurfing and Kayaking.  The unique service of the hotel is the offering of traditional Zanzibarian games like the board game “Bau” and the traditional sailing,  “dhow boating”.  (McIntyre et al, 2006)

Because Ras Nungwi is proximate to some of Africa’s fishing grounds particularly the waters of Zanzibar and Pemba, a major water sports activity offered by the hotel is fishing games facilitated by its fishing group operator, the Zanzibar Big Game Fishing and the with the help of its famed boats namely: Haraka, Timimi, and Suli Suli among others. (Briggs, 2006)  Another recommendable activity in Ras Nungwi is a pleasure trip is to the Jozani Forest as well as to the Nungwi Village for a hands on experience on local village life.  One can opt to ride mountain bikes to travel around the hotel’s neighborhood.

If on the other hand, staying indoor and getting lazy is your ultimate form of getting relaxed, one can opt to have a massage or the one and only “Peponi Spa” that tenders a range of revivifying, indulging and mollycoddling treatments to soothe ones mind, spirit and body.

Las Islas Cies

In the rowdy yet startling Atlantic coastline of Galicia, Spain is Las Islas Cies located in the opening doors of the Ria de Vigo and constituted of three chaste islands of Monteagudo, Del Farol and San Martiño.  (Facaros and Pauls, 2008)  The islands remain unpopulated to maintain unadulterated from the rigors of modernity. Access to Island is only permitted during the Holy Week “Semana Santa” usually sometime in June to September and campsite in the islands is the only form of accommodation.  Las Islas Cies is a beach spot in the Galicia where one have nothing to do but enjoy nature by bird watching, sunbathing and sight seeing the Islands.  The island is a pure get away spot with minimal services comprised basically of restaurant for food, police station for order, a Red Cross clinic for emergencies and a tourist information office.

In Galicia proper, however, there are hundreds of hotel accommodations available for tourists and visitors such as Hotel Costa Vella, Los Abetos, Pazo Cibran, Virxe da Cerca and Pazo Los Escudos Hotel among others.  On the other hand, there are over a thousand restaurants in Galicia to endow visitors with savory of Galician cuisine such as the

Ana Restaurante, Casa Marcelo, Palo Palo, Taberna do Bispo and El Capitan among others. Although “pork” is primarily the ingredient in most Galician menu, there are traditional cuisines that also focus on seafood.

The beauty of Galicia especially rests on utter authenticity and purity of the Galician culture, which makes it a little difficult for some tourist.  There may be some communication barriers when speaking with Galician locals because English is not well spoken by the people.  Consequently for a foreigner, there will be a lot of confusion in the terms and places.   For instance, while “Santiago de Compostela” is a place, “Tarta de Santiago” is a cake.  Obradoiro is a hotel but Albariño is a regional wine. It would be advisable that a tourist take a Spanish phrase book for convenience.

The Galician culture is unique in Spain per se, because it is an assimilation of Celtic and Portuguese culture.    Aside from visiting the other coastline beaches in the Galicia, a trip to inland Galicia will give one an unforgettable trip to antediluvian forests and antiquated civilization.   In Pontevedra province for instance, one can glimpse a community built of granites.

Moreover, festivals and celebrations, which is a common trait in Spanish tradition is also frequent in Galicia however the festivities is more Celtic than Castile. The largest festival is the feast day of Galician’s patron Saint, St. James known as the Festividade do Apóstolo Santiago.


Al Sawadi features itself as the exaggerated rapture in the Middle East both for pleasure and business.  Sandy Lane is the ornate haven for the rich and famous of the world.  Dos Palmas attributes itself as the heaven in earth.  Ras Nungwi is the amalgamation of modern convenience and natural splendor.  Finally,  Las Islas Cies marks itself for its sheer cultural chastity.  Every beach resort mentioned practically offers the same amenities, facilities and activities to guests.  However, the uniqueness of the local culture as reflected in the service, food, spa treatment techniques, landscapes, seascapes, history and people is what makes each business resort different from each other in terms of experience.  Thus, while all are comparable in service, their geographical locations along with their inherent differences in people, culture, topography, among others is what makes these resorts incomparable and equally a worthwhile experience.

“The typical hotel function or banqueting ‘season’ runs between the months of October and May with the busiest months being December and January. (Davis et al, 1998)   Many people around the world take tours for the long Christmas vacation, end year vacation or a break from the winter. Apparently, because demand is high, the price during the peak season is at its crest as well.  On the other hand,  discounts are given to entice visitors during the low season.   Because Galicia and the Philippines practically share the same Catholic tradition, the Holy week is a peak season and the only visiting season in Las Islas Cies.

Holy week is also a peak season extension for Dos Palmas.  Apparently, to maximize profit, some of the facilities/ services that are offered are temporarily not made available during the off season for the resort to save on costs.   This is offset by the price reduction that is given to guests.  Tourism follows a cycle of activity with a peak season and an off-season because of climatic seasons and availability of economic resources of the people.  (Weiermair and Mathies, 2004) Thus, the hotel industry abides by the time when people have time and money to spend for leisure and recreation.  Staying in a beach resort is a perfect vacation for people who want to relax and enjoy time.  As a form of recreation, it also people to do special activities that is not part of their daily life, gain important cultural knowledge of different places and peoples, savor the beauty of life and nature, pamper oneself and  spend quality time with family or oneself.


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