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This is a essay about unicorns

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Imagine yourself sitting in a field having a picnic, then, all of a sudden a big white horse comes up to you, but, then you notice the big horn coming out of its head and you know it is a Unicorn. Many people believe in suck a thing as a Unicorn, in my report I am going to tell you about these people, and the people that don’t believe too. I, personally don’t believe in such a thing as a Unicorn but, I don’t discredit those people that do.

The history of the horned animal known as the Unicorn is a very interesting one. In a fold take toled by the Urikanes they explain one theory of why there is no more Unicorns today. “Swipnet.se”,

“All of the beasts obeyed Noah when he admitted them into the Ark. All but the Unicorn. Confident of his strength he boasted ‘I shall swim!’ For fourghty days and fourghty nights the rains poured down and the oceans boiled as in a pot and all the heights were flooded. The birds of the air clung onto the Ark and when the Ark pitched they were all engulfed. But the unicorn kept on swimming. When, however the birds emerged again they perched on his horn he went under. And that’s why there are no more Unicorns now!”

Other that the Urikanes many people have searched for roof of the unicorns existence. Records that date back to the courts of Darious II, and even Aristotle wrote a little about the unicorn. The Chinese name for the unicorn was Ki-lin, to them, the Unicorn was a symbol of wisdom.

In the past Unicorns have appeared in many different writings, in the Ancient Greeks, the Chinese, and today. According to all of these legends the Unicorn has many different physical and personal traits. There were many different stories that gave the Unicorn a wide range of size, color, and type of hooves. But throughout all of these stories some things reigned true. In almost all of the stories the unicorn has always been pure white in color, with a long twisted horn in the middle of its forehead.

It has been said that the horn of the Unicorn could be used as an antidote for poisons. The Unicorn is almost universally known as a symbol of holiness and Chastity. Here is a quote from a Medieval German folk song, “Giblin”,

“The hunter stood beside me who blew that mighty horn; I say that he was hunting the gentle Unicorn- but the Unicorn is noble, he knows his gentle birth, he knows that god has chosen him above all beasts of earth”

Even though there are many people that believe in Unicorns there are also many people that don’t. One popular story about where the tales of the unicorn came from is the Narwhale. The Narwhale is an animal that lives in the sea and has a long twisted horn, much like what the Unicorn is described to have. It is said that the horns of the Narwhale may have washed up on the beach and the people mistook it for a unicorn horn. Another story of where the story of the unicorn comes from says just that, that the Unicorn was just a make up thing created in the minds of people like many other thing that people have created in there minds over time. My mom says this, “I don’t think Unicorns exist” (Anderson, L.), she is just one of the many non-believers out there.

Like I said earlier I do not believe in unicorns but I do believe that many people think Unicorns do exist, they think that they are just as real as a squirrel or a rabbit. I believe that a long time ago people saw the horn of the Narwhale and then made up the story of the Unicorn to tell people. I believe that the story was made up by people that knew that Unicorns did not exist but then the more people they told the more people that actually started believing in the tales of the Unicorn.

Although it would be very cool to have a unicorn interrupt your picnic with your family I don’t think it is very likely. If you do ever find yourself sitting there and seeing a Unicorn you might want to pinch yourself to make sure that you are not dreaming, because as of today there is no scientific evidence of the Unicorn ever existing, but, that dose not stop many, many people from believing in them.

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