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The way we dress not only affects our confidence

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The way we dress not only affects our confidence and self-esteem, but it also casts the first impression we are giving to our fellow colleagues and teachers/professors. What we wear will portray a visual communication of what we have to offer and what they can expect from us in the work field. our non-verbal communication is just as important as our verbal communication in any situation.Dress code conveys a message which may include indications of the person’s gender, income, occupation and social class, political and religious affiliation, and attitude. Of course our skills and knowledge are an important factor, but we must also be critical when it comes to dressing. It’s been proven that people who dress well are treated with more respect. When we are applying for a job, or a promotion, respect from those who wants to hire you is key. Without it, you’ll likely be overlooked. Like when person goes to a job interview wearing a muscle shirt and shorts for a job.

Or when a person wears super fancy clothes to an interview, he would be straight away rejected but when you wear proper formal shirt with a tie and When you take the extra step to make sure your clothes are ironed, interviewer will recognize you as a strong competent. Deciding what to wear is the first of many important decisions a business professional makes each day. Making this choice might not be an easy task for many individuals. However, in order to succeed in a business environment one needs to learn how to dress appropriately. Proper dress gives someone a more serious and better-educated look. Dressing for success doesn’t apply to job interviews, but for many other things. An athlete running for long distances in a race won’t want his everyday clothes to slow him down.So for an athlete the dress code is different from everyday dresses.Similarly this apply to all other professions for example priest wear clergy in order gain success in their spiritiual beliefs. In many schools and colleges , students are awarded marks for discipline.If they donot wear proper school uniform,they are penalized for it,thus to attain better rank or position, they must come in proper school uniform.

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