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The Vital Role Proper Communication Plays in Everyday Interactions

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The general population typically fails in comprehending the vital role proper communication plays in everyday interactions. Think about a time when the intentions of a message you wanted to communicate was not received by the recipient. This miscommunication may have serious implications if said message was urgent or instrumental to the conversation. Another example of miscommunication is effectively demonstrated by participating in telephone. In large or small groups, somehow the initial statement significantly differs from the original. One must consider where the interference occurred between sending, interpreting, and receiving said message(s). In this reflection, I hope to demonstrate why proper communication is important, and habits that inhibit proper communication.

People communicate verbally and nonverbally. Verbal communication refers to choice of words while, more importantly; nonverbal communication involves how you say something. Nonverbal communication aids in creating context or tone when communicating. Nonverbal communication manifests in body language, facial expressions, gestures, body posture, and paralanguage. For example, maintaining eye contact with someone expresses attention between you and the speaker. However, during a lecture I find myself looking down at my paper versus looking at my professors. I am more akene to listening for the information rather than seeing it. Yet, my professor might assume I am distracted or inattentive, by lack of eye contact. Although, I received the message, I inadvertency miscommunicated receival of the message.

Another recognizable inhibition derived from nonverbal communication is facial expressions. Facial expressions facilitate conversations and are so powerful that it is imperative to be aware of our own and those of others, when communicating. Facial expressions show how we feel. If one fails to recognize how their facial expressions are communicated, they are bound to encounter countless miscommunications.

Improper communication also leads to complications in our perception of others. Say a first impression of your boss “Anne” is negative because she once looked at you, with what you assumed was contempt. Thereafter, despite needing her assistance with a work-related issue, you avoid any interactions with her. First impressions are defining moments in daily life, because they mold our perception of others. What was communicated to you as contempt may have simply been a sparing glance in your direction. Failure to address the issue, avoidance, and misinterpreting the situation has hindered your work. This scenario serves to exemplify the implications of improper communication effecting daily life.

Realizing the importance of proper communication promotes beneficial relationships through all mediums of one’s environment. In intimate relationships, good communication fosters longevity, honesty, and interdependence. A healthy relationship will never prosper between individuals who constantly misinterpret one another and fear the other’s rejection. Proper communication within the work environment builds teamwork and reliability between co-workers. Navigating through life with proper communication skills is also instrumental to emotional and psychical relationships. Neglecting to develop these skills is on pair with failing to brush one’s teeth in the morning. I hardly know of anyone who will hold a conversation with a person suffering from halitosis.

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