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The Source of Happy Ending

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The prince took the princess to the great castle; they got married and lived happily ever after; everyone was very happy. An orphan boy had gone through 30 years of suffering, finally found his lost parents. The patient was a very optimistic person; she defeated the disease that was originally diagnosed as having no cure. Happy endings always satisfy and give deep impression to readers. Have you ever wondered how come fairy tales and short stories almost always end with a happy ending? All the happy endings consist of an essential gist which includes a character who has a possession of strict morality and brings a profound message to the readers. The Inspiration of Mr. Budd by Dorothy L. Sayers is a precise example of morality can leads to a happy ending. This story carries a deep message of “knowledge is power” through the main character, Mr. Budd. His loyalty, calm disposition, and intelligent idea that led to the arrest definitely affects the readers. It pointed out a very positive message, which is a transgressor can never escape from accusation and punishment.

A brief introduction of The Inspiration of Mr. Budd can shows clearly that Sayers had a great use of created suspense in the short story as well as reversed the suspicious plot in to a humorous comedy ending. When Mr. Budd finally convinced himself the “customer” was actually the wanted man around the nation; he came up with many strange ideas of how to capture the murderer. Dorothy Sayers has given the readers mach room for imagination and expectation of how the story is going to end. The “inspiration” of Mr. Budd, which is to dye the murderer’s hair green like a parrot, also keeps as a secret throughout the story.

The irony at the ending even surprised the readers more. Mr. Budd dyed the “customer’s” hair green instead of the dark brown color that he prescribed. He was afraid about losing his reputation because the hair salon he owns is already very little. However, this incident even brought more repute to him. An opulent, popular lady even offered him a surfeit amount of money to style her hair green and she considered the hair style as the “top fashion.” Unlike other common stories, this story did not end with those ordinary endings like “by Mr. Budd’s successful plan, the policemen arrested the murderer and everyone lives happily ever after…” This story provides an unforgettable, interesting, and happy ending.

The profound message this story holds is more than fundamental knowledge. The phrase Mr. Budd noticed on his wooden paper knife inadvertently had become the foundation of the theme-“Knowledge is Power.” It proves that man does not need to use violence and wily devices to arrest the guilty. All the queer thoughts that Mr. Budd planned to do were incorrect. By his calm mind, he had an even better, wiser, and more functional way to capture the murderer. Nobody gets hurt or injured throughout the story. Although the guilty was caught, Mr. Budd not only got the five-hundred pounds reward, but also earned a title of the brave and clever hair stylist. Righteousness endures and receives victory.

As reference to the great Truth, the Lord had commanded us do not fret because of the evildoers, because they will be completely destroyed. Christ Jesus loves the just and uphold the right. For it is written in the category of Wisdom, the Book of Proverbs: “By Wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” The house is exactly a symbolic of a man, his basic body structure and soul must contain wisdom. Moreover, the establishment of a house stands for a man’s spirit and mindset; they must be filled with the fruits of the Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace…etc. “A wise man is full of strength and a man of knowledge enhances his might, for by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory.” This scripture clearly indicates the theme. The protagonist, Mr. Budd is wise, by his knowledge and moral personality; he uplifted his will and eventually won the battle.

As we all can see, morality plays an essential role in the story and the personality of human beings as well. But most importantly, the message that is present from this piece has an immeasurably great impact on us, “Knowledge is Power.” Righteousness stands. No matter how well a sinner covers the sin and crime, as he lacks morality, there will not be any good on him. Mr. Budd’s strong morality structure provides a sweet and warm ending for us!

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