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The Orchestra Concert That I Had

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The orchestra concert that I had watched and enjoyed was the school concert, which has performed at 25th October 2014, 12:30 pm. The concert was conducted at PERTRONAS Twin Tower (KLCC), MPO hall, which also known as Malaysian Phiharmonic Orchestra. The school concert has conducted for nearly 1 hour, which ends around 1:30 pm. The title for this concert was “The Mysterious Maestro”. There were total of twelve pieces that have performed by the orchestra. The first piece was named “Overture from The Force of Destiny”, the second piece was “Bachianis Brasileiras No.5 – Aria”, and the third piece was “Mediatation from Thais”. Next, the fourth piece was “Hannah’s song”, the fifth piece was “Estudiantina”, and the sixth piece was “Caucasian Sketches No.1 from Procession of the Sardars”. Then, the seventh piece was “Danse Macabre Op.40”, the eighth piece was “Frantic Forest Frenzy” and the ninth piece was “Les Preludes”. Last, the tenth piece was “Perfect Music-Breaking the Spell”, the eleventh pieces was “Symphony No.5-First Movement” and the last piece was “Ode to joy from Symphony No.9-Fourth Movement”.

For the visual effects on the concert, the hall lighting was bright before the start of the concert. After that, lighting only focused on the stages of the hall. According to chief conductor of the St Peterburg Philharmonic Orchestra, the hall design has incorporated the acoustical devices to improve the sound and music quality (Yuri, 2013). For the arrangement of the stage development, it is similar to the standard layout of orchestra, the string instrument at the first session which is nearest to the audience. Violin is the right most of the string instrument session, viola in the middle and cello was at the leftmost. Then, harp was at behind of violin and double bass was at behind of cello. Second session is woodwind instrument, third session is brass instrument, and the last session is percussion. (Think Quest, 2010). There also includes conductor called, Ciaran McAuley, The main performers of the concert were Doug McKeag, Braden Griffiths, and Allison Lynch. The concert was about a girl, Hannah who lives in the town and she loves to sing, but music is forbidden in town after Pied Piper led all of its children away. With the help of rat, Hannah breaks the spell of the town. Waldteufel : Estudiantina

This piece was composed by Emile Waldteufel in 1883. Emile Waldteufel comes from a family of dance musicians and she known as a pianist, conductor and composer of dance music. The genre of the piece was “for orchestral” and it falls into classical period. This piece’s melody is based on another French composer, Paul Lacome and Waldteufel made the musical arrangement of folk theme. Besides, the third section of piece contains of the chord harmony. The pitch of the piece is definite and tone color is bright and warm. The rhythm of this piece combines of moderato tempo. Other than that, it’s dynamic are mezzo forte, mezzo piano, and piano and the crescendo. The dynamic of piece was made the piece sound like happiness and never like calm at all. The key of piece was D-major in the first section, G-major and D-major in the second section, D-major contrast with B-minor in the third section and last section back in G-major. In other word, this piece involved also the modulation of key.

The texture of this piece is polyphonic as it mostly accompanied by woodwind instrument and sometime accompanied by brass and percussion instrument as well. String instrument is main instrument to play this piece. The musical form of this piece contains of repetition in the beginning then contrast in the middle change D major key into B minor. The piece imparting a mood of jollity and hilarity firstly, then come next were frighten and leisurely and last exoticism and Spanish flavors was shown in the piece especially in the contrasting sections. we quite like this piece because it makes me feel happy like celebrate some kind of festival. Other than that, we can understand about some kind of Spanish character such as extrovert, sociable, friendly while we was watching this piece in the orchestra. Ode to joy from Symphony No.9-Fourth Movement

This piece was composed by of Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827) completed in the year 1824. The symphony was one of the Beethoven’s greatest work and best-known works of the repertoire of classical music. Then, it was the greatest piece of music ever written. The genre of this piece was for symphony and suitable perform in the orchestral way. Then, the piece falls into classical period. The mood of this piece conveyed by the performers was happy and peaceful after suffer of the war and challenging then move to the peaceful life. The theme of the piece would take on a life of its own, enthralling politicians and public alike and ultimately co-opted for a huge variety of social purposes. Besides, the melody of the piece is beginning with simple melody then group these elements move into a sharp, powerful dotted theme.

The pitch of the piece was become high when they perform the Ode to Joy. The sound gradually increased, the momentum is growing, and the band developed into full play until the climax. Then the tone color was warm and bright. The rhythm of this piece was combine energy through the use of staggered rhythm, staccato, and timpani accompaniment. After that, the dynamic of the piece is performing the level of sound in low and high way. So it brings the feeling of sad and happy to audience. The key of piece was D-minor inside the melody. The texture of this piece is polyphonic because it performs two or more lines of relatively equal interest at the same time. Lastly, the musical form of this piece is performing of a series of variation for orchestra alone. After watching the orchestra concert, we quite like this piece because it makes me feel happy and peaceful because the show of this orchestra concert was performing in perfect way. Conclusion

In conclusion, the overall impression for the concert is grand, fantasy and wonderful. All the musicians and performers are very professional. It will be very special experience for us enjoy and feel with the music in the orchestra. We will recommend this kind of concert to my friend especially who having kids as long as this kind of concert not only can relax our mind, this concert will able to bring out a story. Last but not least, we can also learn on many different type of western instrument such as steel drum.


Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, 2013. Structure of the MPO hall. [ONLINE] Available at: http://mpo.com.my/About-DEP/About-Us.aspx [Accessed 01 November 2014]. Think Quest, 2010. Introduction of Western Instrumental. [ONLINE] Available at: http://library.thinkquest.org/15413/instruments/instrument.htm [Accessed 01 November 2014]. The Spanish Personality. 2008. The Spanish Personality. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.eyeonspain.com/blogs/psychology/1023/the-spanish-personality.aspx. [Accessed 01 November 2014]. Estudiantina – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Estudiantina – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. [ONLINE] Available at:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estudiantina. [Accessed 01

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