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The lottery a true to life story

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Is the story of the lottery a true to life story or its just a fiction that imagined by its author to say a lesson life? Is preserving a culture is a must even if it’s a violent? What is the real meaning of the story of the lottery? There are some question that come in my mind when I read the story of the lottery. This story was published back then 1948 in the New Yorker by Shirley Jackson. This story is been famous in American Literature and it been adapted by several television shows, theater and even in radio station.

The story has so many foreshadowing and secrets effect just to hide what is the real meaning pf it and what is the ending of the story. Shirley Jackson was succeed on her story she kept it until in climax. Preserving tradition makes townsmen blinds on what are they really doing even its a violent. There is so fine and nice weather in the very beginning of the story that lead the story in the positive ideas and the story well went on that ideas just hide what is the real meaning of it specially the title of it The Lottery when people hear that word we all knew that its all about luck and a when you win in the lottery you’re in a good position.

In the there is a peaceful setting that the villagers make some good conversation and some crack jokes that author show it a peaceful and make it normal everyday lives of people not knowing what really happens in the annual lottery of their town. “On first reading, these details might strike the reader as odd, but they can be explained in a variety of ways — for instance, that people are very nervous because they want to win. Yet when Tessie Hutchinson cries, “It wasn’t fair! ” readers realize there has been an undercurrent of tension and violence in the story all along. ” Sustana C. (2017)

In the second paragraph of the story there is a line were saying that “Children put stones in their pockets and make piles of stone” as you can see Shirley Jackson use the children in this line so that readers make thinks that children will only play the stones. Specially children has an innocent mind and they all knew is to play that’s why the readers must think that children will only play the stone they put in their pockets but even if they are children and its so young to be on a violent culture they are have a responsibility to do so their part in that annual lottery.

They need to threw a stone too on who won the annual lottery. The story of the lottery looks like true to life story because it uses a specific date weather and even a scenery the example of this are Shirley Jackson uses a specific date June 27th, the time 10 am, the weather is summer and even the scenery of the town square is well described. It was so surprising what happen in a climax when Hutchinson’s family won in the annual lottery they must happy but not they complain that they won on the lottery this the signal that this annual lottery is not normal lottery that I knew there is something wrong on this lottery and yes there is.

Who won the lottery will stoned to death and yes that is their culture even if its Tessie complain on what happen and make fight for herself so that she will save but no this is their culture even if it’s in violent they will continue it. There was a line in the end that saying “Although the villagers had forgotten the ritual and lost the original black box they still remembered how to use a stones” in these line you can see that they forgot what is the real ritual in the annual lottery but the violent way of the annual lottery are they still remembered.

And in the last part of the story the winner of the annual lottery Tessie Hutchinson was on the center of people have a stone to throw to her even if her family members have a responsible to throw to her but what is the meaning of that? Why even children and her family members need to join on throwing a stone to her? I think the real meaning of it maybe so that no one will take a responsibility on the violent act of the annual lottery because it is a murder. Having these culture is not really need to preserve because the ritual itself is been forgotten but the violence of the culture is one being remembered.

Yes there is some culture need to preserve like here in the Philippines our culture is saying po and opo in the elder this is must preserve because its in a good way they giving a respect on our elderly. Townsmen Blinds on what are they doing even if it’s a violent just because they want to preserve a culture. Maybe Shirley Jackson did this because she want to stop these violence because it had no any good effects or she want to stop those preserving a culture that killing a their townsmen so that they will have a good harvest.

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