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The Impact Of Chemistry On Society Argumentative

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What are the impacts of chemistry on society?
In: Biology
the impacts chemistry have on a society is huge. every single material that we come in contact with, in our daily ife is composed of chemicals there are negative and positive effects of chemistry but the negative effect is mainly due to the inability of a man to think carefully first of all lets take the example of drugs. drugs are composed of chemicals ofcourse, but these drugs can be used for a good purpose as well as bad ones. in todays society most people are dependent on drugs, even for a small fever we use drugs and this deplets our body’s immunity. drugs such as herione, marijuana etc in the hands of youngsters ruin the face of our society and drastically put the future at risk another example is of preservatives. These preservatives help to keep our food from getting bad but also at the same time causes many diseases.

Chemistry is part of everything we do in life as well as everything in this world. Every natural change that occurs around us is a result of a chemical reaction such as the growth of plants and weather change. Firstly though, our human make up is based around chemistry and the chemical elements as our bodies are made up mostly of water. Chemistry helps our bodies function through motions such as:


Feeling emotions
The human body is however, just the start of the impact of chemistry in our present society. As mankind has progressed, chemistry has been at the basis of all developments. The technology and knowledge we have today would not have existed or been developed without the use of the most basic chemistry dating back even to Neanderthal times. This includes:

Making fire

Using components for use in hunting and shelter
Clothing and comfort
These days, the most commonly thought of examples of chemistry in society would be medicines, chemical production and research experimentation. Even that basic understanding of creating fire is at the basis of saving lives throughout the world through use of medicines; a development of a simple form of chemistry.

Chemistry is used largely by industries such as oil, petrol and gas, though it is something that is often taken for granted as we get on with our individual lives. It is as small as brushing our teeth, cleaning our houses, taking in information and even using our senses. Without chemistry, we cannot have a society or even basic life.

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