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The Growth of Presidential Power Argumentative

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The presidency is called the most powerful office of the world. The United States is the most powerful country in the world and the President is the leader of the most powerful country. The president has the power to command the armed forces, make treaties, approve or veto acts of Congress, send and receive diplomatic representatives, grant pardons and reprieves, and to make sure that the laws are fully executed. The Constitution deals with the presidential powers in a loose way, therefore the Presidential powers are vague and can be interpreted loosely to the President’s advantage. Presidential power has grown because it is run by one person, the President himself, the commanding head of the executive branch. Another important factor is the influences the Presidents have had on the office. The complex nature of the US’ social and economic life has also had an effect on Presidential power over the years.

As this nation has grown technologically and industrially, citizens have demanded a higher need for Federal Government as a role of public concerns; the President is the most sought after person in these needs from citizens. The ability to take care of emergencies like war has made the President a more powerful person, as well as the executive branch. Congress has also played a part in strengthening the Presidential power by passing many laws that have been important in the growth of Federal Government. Many other contributing factors like: chief legislator, party leader, chief citizen, staff support, public attention, and media have all had important roles in strengthening Presidential power. The President has been the most powerful person in the world and will continue to be as long as the United States of America remains the most powerful nation in the world.

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