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The God’s Job

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Long before the heavens and the earth began, everything was a formless wasteland. This has been this way for thousands of years until God the Father woke up one day. He sat up and looked around but could not see anything because it was too dark. He began to cry. His eyes were filled with tears flowing heavily below which turned into a body of water. His Son approached him and asked why he was sad. God told his Son that he wanted more for him than just continually living in darkness. He wished to create a better place for them to live in. The Son went to his friend the Holy Spirit and told him about his Father’s problem. They sat at the table and began to work out a plan. The Son came home to tell his Father about the good news. Upon hearing the good news of creation, God was so overjoyed that when he stretched out his hands to hug his Son beams of white light came out from his palms. “Light, Father you have just created light!” said the Son. After all of the excitement the Father and Son grew tired and wanted to sleep but could not because of the bright light. So God thought of what he could do to let his Son have some rest. He came up with an answer by separating the light from darkness. He called the light day and darkness he called night.

Worried that the waters may flood his kingdom, God needed to act fast. So he took a deep breath and blew the waters away making a huge open space. This space, he called sky. He further pushed up the sky upwards so that it will not come in contact with the waters below. God for a moment sat at his throne and drew up a plan for the waters under the sky. After which He went to work immediately. He scooped up all the waters from the ground leaving it dry. He then dug a huge hole and poured the water in. The dry ground he called land and the water surrounding the land he called the sea. He called his Son to look at this new playground. The Son was very excited. He began running all over the land. His footprints turned to plants, trees, and flowers. He gazed around and felt even happier. One morning as God was strolling; he noticed that the plants and trees were dying of cold. He took a big rock, threw it in the air and it turned into a ball of fire to give heat and life. He placed the ball of fire in the sky and called it sun. One evening, he took a smaller rock and rubbed it around until it glowed. He also placed it in the sky opposite the sun to shed light upon the land and called it moon. As he was about to rest dusts came to his nose. He sneezed and all of the dust particles turn into glittering stars.

While inspecting their creation, the Son told his Father that he could not take care of all of these by himself. His Father was quite busy throwing rocks into the air to create birds and stones into the sea to create all kinds of sea creatures. Again, his Son interrupted, “Father, please stop. I cannot handle this on my own.” The Father looked at Him and realized that he was right.  “Well, how about if I make creatures just like us” the Father said. God grabbed clay from the land and began molding it according to his image and likeness. He took a deep breath and blew life into the model tuning it into a human being. The Son said, “It’s alive!” The Son then began to do the same as his Father and before long they have made a man and a woman. The creation was completed in six days in all its forms and glory. God saw all that he made and was very happy.

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