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The Ethics of Bribery and Kickbacks

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Greed and power have been one of the genetically engineered traits of mankind. We can all try to suppress it, but it is undeniably present in our lives and there is no comparable feeling in the world that would make a man does unfathomable things than greed. However, in the case of football, well, this is just business. In the case of Jack Warner, receiving 720,000 Euros, just five days after Qatar had been awarded the 2022 world cup was just another day at the office. Maybe he landed himself a windfall that would have served as a nice retirement fund.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter finally admitted that an ethics committee had been put in place to investigate claims disclosed by Telegraph of the deal made by Warner (Theguardian.com). FIFA finally acknowledged allegations brought forward regarding the 2022 World Cup ballot having failed to comment on this issue for over three days after Telegraph disclosed it (AP Worldstream). Thereafter, the head of the ethics committee made it clear that the committee was fully aware of the details outlined in the article and that it would take necessary action that seemed appropriate to them (Garcia, 2014). The payment equivalent to $1.2 million was sent to Mr. Warner who was among the 24 man executive committee during the time of the vote. The money was traced to a former president of the Asian Football confederation, named Mr. Mohamed Bin Hammam who also made payment to Warner’s sons (Telegraph, 2014). What made this claim so blown up was the fact that these were transactions made by individuals who were senior in their respective capacities and, therefore, it must have spread to other subordinates (Huffingtonpost). As a result of this breach in ethics, Russia is also being investigated as a possible corruption deal for the 2018 hosts of the World Cup.

Bribery laws prohibit individuals or companies from directly offering or promising anything of value t any person or organization with the intent of inducing favorable business or to waiver decisions. The act of gift giving should also be looked into keenly especially among business associates because they can lead to damaged relationships, as well as lawsuits. It is very unethical for contracts to be awarded based on kickbacks. This form of corruption is demeaning to the organizations that are represented. Since the negotiations are made ahead of time, the recipient of the bribe ensures that the wishes of the third party are met in order to receive the promised remuneration.

When kickbacks are given and received, there are several policies of the National Society of Professional Engineers that are violated. For example, engineers are not supposed to aid or abet to unlawful practices either by an individual or a firm. Those with information about fraudulent activities are required by the law to report any such activities to the relevant authorities or professional bodies and sometimes to public authorities. Engineers are also required to be guided by honesty and integrity in all their dealings, which was not the case with Warner. Public interest is what all engineers should strive for, but in the case of Warner, he only sought to line his pockets. Engineers, on the other hand, are not required to do business that deceives the public (NSPE, 2013). In this case, however, Warner made it look like the voting was done fairly while his decision was swayed by greed.

In conclusion, I hold to my opinion that any form of corruption is a vice that needs to be stopped right from the top. Leaders should set examples, but in the case of Warner, he had a weak moment that will haunt him, if he has a conscious so to speak. Morals build character, and character builds a man. In this case, Warner’s morals and ethics are questionable, and all the same wildly misguided.


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