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The essence of on-job-training

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Every business organization must have a well-trained accountant. These accountants must possess skills and proper knowledge that is needed in making financial document of a business organization.
Every organization has a common goal, to gain more profit. In an organization, there must be a proper use and allocation of money that will be used in the activities of business. In every success of the business organization has an accountant behind it.

Accounting is the heart and soul of business. It includes all areas of business from small local businesses to giant global corporations. Accounting is the defining essence of trade, and includes all areas of commercial practice. Accounting training is therefore particularly important for aspiring business people. If you’re looking at a future in accountancy, accounting training at good business school is essential.[1]

Accounting training is extremely useful for job mobility across all areas of business, and can be used as good basis for career moves. The range of skills in accounting is valuable in all areas of business.[2]

Accounting training is perhaps the most useful area of training for anyone interested in getting a quick start in a financial, business or banking career.

Statement of the Problem
A well trained and confident accountant is one of the reasons behind the success of all business organization. On-job-training is a program that could help the accountancy students learn and acquire the traits of real professional; through this program students can trained their skills very well when they work in the real world of the business. Students must undergo the on-job-training to enhance the skills, and knowledge about their field of accounting.

This study determined the status of the Accountancy students that have acquired the On-Job-Training.
Specifically, it seeks to answer the following questions:
1. What are the advantages of on-job-training of students taking the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy course? 2. What are the effect of this on-job-training in their future job? 3. What are the characteristics that you will gain in on-job-training that you can acquire in the future job?

Significance of the Study
On-the-Job Training plays a very important role to the life of students, you must undergo a proper training. On-Job Training is the one of the key to your success, to fulfill your knowledge, to apply your skills, abilities and to reach your goals in life. On-the-Job Training requires many things such as money, time, effort, interest, courage and discipline. If you have these qualities and requirements you have the advantage to tackle and take up this kind of activities. The finding of this study was premised to the following:

Parents. Results of the study may serve as guide to realize the importance of On-Job-Training to their children.
Students.This must be prioritized by accounting students in order for them to be familiar with effectiveness of On-Job-Training. It will help them to nurture their knowledge and skills for applying in a business entity.Doing this is not for the sake of us only but for the sake of all students, in order for them not to waste time, money, effort and most importantly is the opportunity.

Researchers.With deeper sense of responsibility and gladness of helping others. This study was conducted to disseminateinformation about the essence of on-job-training for accountancy students. Future Researchers.The study of the Essence of On-the-Job Training will be of great help in the future and daily life. The outcome of this study may serve as reference for those engage in the same field of studies.

Scope and Delimitation
This study is conducted by the desire to know about the effect happened to an Accountancy students when they undergone on-job-training. This study can help students to know the importance of on-job-training especially when they already encounter and meet the world of the business. This study is limited only to all 4th year BSA students of University of Saint Anthony who acquired the on-job-training.

ACCOUNTING – is a service activity. It is an information system that measures, processes and communicates financial information about an identifiable economic entity. [3] BUSINESS ENTITY


Research Design
The method that was used in this study was the descriptive research method which involves collection of data through questionnaire. According to Leedy, P, D. “Descriptive Research involves collecting numerical data to test the hypothesis or answer questions concerning current status”. The researchers used this method to determine the essence of On-Job-Training to BSA students of USANT.

The respondents of this research are the primary source of information. The respondents are composed of fifteen (15) students from fourth (4th) year level taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in University of Saint Anthony.

Research Instrument
The main data gathering tool used to collect data was the questionnaire and Internet. We used dichotomous response items and multiple choice methods to answer directly by the respondents.

Treatment of Data
This study made used of Percentage Technique to interpret the gathered data. The questionnaire collected from the survey was tallied. The formula is shown below:
x 100

P – Percentage
n – Number Responses
N – Total Respondents

Graph 1

This shows that 100% of our respondents agreed that On-Job-Trainig is really essential to have an early knowledge about future job. And 0% said that it is not essential. Graph 2

This Chart shows that 100% of our respondents said that On-Job-Trainig is important to have a proper attitude for the future job. And 0% said that it is not important.
Graph 3

This chart shows that 86% of the total respondents take On-Job-Trainig seriously, 7% of the respondents did not take OJT seriously and the other 7% answered maybe. Graph 4

This chart shows that 47% of the total respondents are satisfied with the knowledge earned from the OJT and 53% said that they are not satisfied with the knowledge they earned. Graph 5

This chart shows that 80% of the total respondents said that OJT helps them and 20% said that it doesn’t help.

Graph 6

This chart shows that 67% of the total respondents said that OJT helps in determining the real skills that will be suited for the near job, and 33% of the respondents said that it does not help in determining the right skills. Graph 7

This chart shows that 87% of the total respondents said that OJT helps in determining the weakness of the student and the remaining 13% said that it does not help in determining the weaknesses. Graph 8

This chart shows that 73% of the total respondents said that OJT helps to conquer their weaknesses and 27% said that it does not help them to conquer their weaknesses.

Graph 9

This Line Graph shows that 40% out of 15 respondents said that camaraderie is always important in having a good work and with the same percentage said that camaraderie is sometimes important in having a good work. And 20% of the total respondent said that Camaraderie is often needed in having a good work. Graph 10

This chart shows that 7% of our total respondent said that they gained Camaraderie in having an on-job-training, 40% says that they enhance self-discipline and patience and 53% of our respondent said that all of the characteristic can be gain in having on-job-training.


The researchers found out the important things that will be acquired by a student when he/she’d undergone on-job-training. Therefore, we conclude that on-job-training is really essential most especially to the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy students.

Based from the conclusion of this study, the followingrecommendations are proposed: 1. Students must seriously take On-Job-Training to enhance their knowledge about theirprofession or to their field of specialization. 2. Students must have a strong patience and perseverance.

3. Students must know the value of on-job-training.
4. Students must know how to suit theirselves in a particular situation.


Dear Respondents,
Greeting of Joy!
The undersigned are Bachelor of Science in Accountancy students of University of Saint Anthony, Iriga City who are currently working on a research entitled “The Essence of On-Job-Training for Accountancy students of University of Saint Anthony”.

In connection with this, may we have you as our respondents to provide answers to our questionnaires. Your response on this matter will be highly appreciated as it will greatly contribute to the development of our study.

Thank You!
Respectfully Yours,
Marielen B. Obrero
Karla Kriselle L. Ollanes

Name: (Optional) _____________________________________Date:_______________ Age:______________Sex: () Female () Male
Please check your corresponding answer into the following questions: 1. Do you think OJT is essential to have an early knowledge about your future job?

2. Is the On-Job-Training important to have a proper attitude in the future job? 3.

4. Do students undergoing OJT take it seriously?
7. Are you satisfied with the knowledge that you earned from the OJT? 8.
10. Does OJT really help the students?
Yes, A Lot
Not at all
13. Is OJT helps you to determine your real skills when it comes to your future work? 14.
16. Is OJT also helps you to determine your weaknesses?
19. Is OJT able to help you to fight this weakness?

Is camaraderie important in having a good work?
21. What are the different characteristics that you gained in OJT that you can acquire in the future job?

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