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The Effects of Traffic Congestion

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Followed by new technology, automobile industry also developed dramatically. The cars, heavy vehicles not only came to more beautiful shapes with affordable price but also it became more popular and necessary for everyday life. Couple decades ago there were only countable cars on the road. However, in recent years traffic congestion became biggest problem in every single developed and developing country. As GIBB (2002, pg178-179) states that traffic congestion minimise nation’s future success. This essay will discuss the causes of traffic congestion and then look at some effects on health and economics at the end will review some possible solution.

There are number of cases to cause traffic congestion such as increasing cars on the road, poor public transport and traditional working hours routines. The first reason that causes congestion is that the number of vehicles is increasing. It is very obvious that, the meaning of increasing vehicles on the road also increasing the traffic congestion. Smith (2010, 34) shows that more people want to have a personal vehicle as a result of the increasing number of ageing citizens.

The second reason contributing to traffic congestion is that governments are not providing reliable, affordable public transport to working people. That inconvenience public transports forced the people to use they own cars to work and pick up and drop off the children from school. Combination of disadvanced transport service and old fashion working hours are another reason of traffic congestion. Smith (2010, 34) outline that dealing with traffic congestion employers can play very important role especially when they insist to follow traditional working hours routines that 9-5pm.

Traffic congestion has many negative effects. One of the most harmful effects of traffic congestion is its impact on health. Sitting in traffic not only wastes time and fuel, but can lead to heart attacks and strokes caused by stress according to research by Levy etc. (65). The air pollution contributed by motor vehicles has been associated with premature death. The other negative effect of traffic congestion is in environmental impact. The gases released from motor vehicle contains pollutants that decrease the air quality. statistics show that nationwide estimates for 2015 of emissions attributable to congested traffic is 1.2 million tons of NOx.

For that reason, it’s very obvious to see that the health impact and environment impact on the traffic congestion led to the economic impact. The study done by Levy etc., (65) predict that by the 2020 the premature deaths will reach up to 1600 caused by traffic congestion and it will cost $13 billion in total social costs. Although Traffic congestion is very challenging to deal with, there may be possible solution to solve this problem. One of the best way out from traffic congestion is improving the public transport and encourage the people to use it.

As an example, the city of Medellin, Colombia, after introduced the cable cars in 2006 traveling time is two times faster than before. Agrell and Yukselir (1994, pp.260-274). The other possible solution to this problem is to impose heavy taxes on car drivers and use this money to make public transport better. According to Gibb (2002. pp.178-179) the cost of the car in Singapore is two to three times higher than regular market price. That made the people not been able to afford to buy the car. The last but most useful solution is introducing the bicycle sharing service in city area. Bicycle is not only solving the traffic problems but also it will increase the quality of air since there will be less gases released from the vehicles. In addition, it is good excursive and good for people health.

In summary, the majority of the traffic congestions caused by increased cars on the road, poor public transport and traditional working hours routine. However, all those negative impacts on economy and health could be solved by implying all those possible solutions have been discussed. Thank you Rayhan! Please look at the feedback and correct some of the highlighted problems in your second draft. Please also read your solutions section and see if you can identify and correct any mistakes you find.

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