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The Effects of the Western Fast Food Diet

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In recent decades there has been a change in the global food and nutritional profile, where “left the scene” the traditional food, and fast foods came on to the scene. With the convenience of today’s world and with all the technological advances, people are induced to sedentary conditions, thus leaving to conduct physical activity and lose weight. The energy regulation, determined by alimentation, influences many diseases, since the use of processed foods with high caloric value, beyond the over consumption of fast food, is becoming increasingly common. The change of nutritional patterns from traditional food to fast food has caused various infirmities, including obesity, heart diseases, and underachievement in school.

One effect from the exaggerated consumption of fast food is the obesity. Obesity has become the fastest growing nutritional issue in the world, both in developed countries and in developing countries, making it one of the most prevalent diseases and one of the major public health problems all over the word. Problems caused by obesity lead annually thousands of deaths, and estimated spending billions of dollars to the health system of the many countries. Unfortunately, people do not care or do not know about the consequences of eating fast food, helping to increase the obesity rates worldwide.

Another effect from eating fast food frequently are heart diseases. The fats in these products that are called saturated fats, increase the levels of cholesterol, causing clots in the arteries, and increasing the risk of coronary heart disease. Moreover, the excess salt is largely responsible for the increase in blood pressure, and consequently increases the risk of heart attacks. According to research published by University of Minnesota, the chance of people who consume fast food dayly,  have cardiac problems raised about 8 out 10.

A exacerbated consumption of fast food can also cause low performance scholar in children. Children who eat fast food like sandwiches, chips and pizzas, more often can have worse scores on literacy tests such as math and reading. This can be possible because these types of food served in fast food restaurants, can cause cognitive difficulties that result in lower test scores. In fact, studies indicate that there are a strong connection between a unbalanced nutrition and scholar capability. However, some scientists believe that a possible explanation would be the opposite; the trend of the consumption of fast food comes from the worst grades, and not the contrary ­ with fast food intake resulting in worse scores.

Synthesizing, fast food are quick, easy, and cheap and appeals to so many people. However, a amplify consumption of these food result in negative changes in human body, among them, weight gain, heart diseases, and low performance academic. The key to make your eating better is planning ahead. Make a plan to limit fast food. You certainly do not have to remove it altogether, but you can focus on small improvements as much as you can.

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