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The Coffee Plant

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Role autobiography – what role do you play in the company? What is your involvement with the company like?

            As an executive officer, I am responsible for taking care of financial concerns. I make sure that everything is going well for the company in terms of sales. I collaborate with other employees to think of ways on how to market our product better so that consumers would continue to patronize it. I am also responsible for the company’s expansion in other areas.

What is your attitude towards healthcare plans for company workers? What are the benefits and disadvantages of healthcare plans for employees?

            Employees’ health is important to companies because without them the company will be crippled. This is why companies have to make sure that their employees are covered with health care plans. This will ensure them that they will have medical support any time they find the need to obtain one. Employees would also not have to worry about work-related injuries or illnesses because the health care plans would cover these health issues. The only disadvantage that health care plans would bring to employees is that it might produce some conflicts to their existing health care plans or providers.

How important are working conditions for company employees? Are there disadvantages to improving the working conditions?

            Proper working condition is important for all kinds of employees because it would contribute to their overall job satisfaction and health. It would also decrease the risk for work-related injuries. In a coffee company like Kobos, the employers need to make sure that all employees are safe from the equipments being used in processing the coffee beans. There are no disadvantages to improving the working conditions of the employees because a better working environment is a win-win situation for both the employees who do not have to worry about workplace safety and for the employers who would generate more income by having efficient workers.

How can we make our business stand out from competitors? Why should consumers support our stores?

            Because coffee shops are very popular nowadays, it is recommended that Kobos Coffee have their own coffee shops that can feature and use the company’s products. Consumers who are already familiar with Kobos Coffee can now go to these coffee shops to enjoy their coffees on the go. The unique taste that Kobos Coffee brings, as well as the fact that the company handles the harvesting and processing of the coffee beans itself, will surely attract consumers.

Should the company become more environmentally friendly? What are the benefits and disadvantages to “going green”?

            It is recommended that the company become more environmental friendly from the products they use to process the coffee beans to the materials they use in storing the coffee. Going green will ensure that the company will not encounter any problems with environmentalists and other concerned organizations. Through this act, the company will also have the opportunity to contribute to making the environment better. However, going green can also mean that the company has to use other materials or equipments that are less harmful to the environment but might not be as efficient as those normally used. This would then affect the company’s products and sales.

Are there any other important points that should be addressed at the next meeting of these groups?

            It is important to address how the company can improve the lives of its workers because without them, the company would not exist. Better benefits, other than health care plans, should be provided so that more potential workers are attracted to the company.

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