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The Car Wash

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Though it may sound really simple to wash an automobile, just spraying the car with water, then soaping it, and then drying it will not fully complete the washing process. There is a simple yet easy process to washing your automobile correctly and also precautions to be aware of as you are doing so. There are about ten steps to follow. Following these steps will make your car washing experience a fun and enjoyable hobby.

The first thing you need to do is to check the weather conditions. The best weather condition to wash a car is when it is warm, dry, and there is a shaded where you will be washing the car. It has to be warm and dry so that you will not be shivering in the cold as you wash your car with cold water. The reason that a shaded area is needed is because it is better to be under the shade so those watermarks don?t dry off on the surface of the car before you get to them.

The next thing you need to do is have all the essential materials to do the job. The items that are needed are a medium bucket, a regular soft sponge, a small soft sponge, a chamois, two dry towels, a garden hose, and of course car washing soap. If you use another type of soap, it might not be able to clean it as well compared to car washing soap. Anyways, after gathering these various materials, place a good amount of soap into the empty medium bucket. Then spray some water into the bucket so that the soap lathers up.

Afterwards, spray the entire surface area of the automobile with water. Warning! If you can adjust the pressure of the garden hose, make sure it is set on spray not jet or stream. I say this because using a high-pressure hose could damage the paint of your car or even the bodywork of the car. As you spray the car, try to reach all areas of it thoroughly, even the hard to reach places such as the bumpers and side skirts.

Immediately following, soap the entire body of the car with the regular soft sponge. Try soaping the surface areas in circular motions so that streaks will not occur. Also, make absolutely sure that you scrub off the areas of grime and dirt completely so that it will not stay after you have finished washing your car. Remember, just wash the body of the car not the wheels and tires. Those will be saved for the end because they are more time consuming.

Then with the garden hose, rinse off all the soap from the car using a slightly stronger pressure. Not too strong or else damage would occur as I have said earlier. As you are rinsing away, do not forget to lift up your windshield wipers, so that the soap will be able to leave from the glass. Another part of the car that is usually overlooked is the front grill of the car, so try to spray this area fully.

Next, dry off the body of the car with the chamois. But before using the chamois, spray water on it, then squeeze the water out of it. By doing so the dirt and lint from the chamois will not spread on to the car.

After using the chamois, use a dry towel to wipe up whatever water is still on the surface of your car. Make sure that you are using a towel that does not leave any lint or dirt so that you will have a great finish.

Do not forget about the wheels and tires. Spray them with the hose and at the same time try not to get the newly dried body surface wet. And as you spray the wheels and tires try to get between the spokes of the wheels. This is where most of the brake grime ends up. Also, if you do not try to clean the areas between the spokes, the grime from the brake will harden and you will have a difficult time getting rid of them later on.

Immediately afterwards, using the small soft sponge, soap the wheels and the tires. Try to get the sponge into the hard to reach places. You may have to do this process a few times in order to get the dirt off from the wheels.

Following, rinse off completely the wheels and tires of soap with the hose. During this process you can use the highest pressure on the garden hose so that it will make it easier for yourself to wash away the soap between the spokes.

Lastly, dry off the wheels and tires with the other dry towel. And that, my friends, concludes how to wash your car from top to bottom in about ten simple easy steps. I hope you all had an enjoyable time doing so.

I know this little procedure of washing a car might have sounded superfluous, however, I had to write this essay for my English teacher Miss Lisa Leslie. For those who may be wondering what type of essay this is, it is called a process essay.

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