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Termite Killing Potential of Mahogany Seeds

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A. Background of the Study
Mahogany is a large tropical tree with a symmetrical appearance, best-known for its valuable heartwood. Mahogany is used in multistory systems in the Philippines, boat and ship building and pattern-making. The tree is also appreciated as a beautiful and useful street tree. A fast-growing, graceful, straight-trunked, semi-deciduous tree growing to 30-70ft. Most trees, particularly planted street trees grow to 30-40ft. It looses its leaves just as new leafs sprout, so while deciduous, the tree is not without leaves for long. Tiny flowers are followed by four to five”, woody fruits that burst open to expel the seeds. Mahogany is a valuable hardwood and this tree was once extensively harvested for its wood. Batac City, Ilocos Norte, has numerous mahogany trees planted throughout the city for this purpose. The termites are a group of eusocial insects. Termites mostly feed on dead plant material, generally in the form of wood, leaf litter, soil, or animal dung, and about 10% of the estimated 4,000 species (about 2,600 taxonomically known) are economically significant as pests that can cause serious structural damage to buildings, crops or plantation forests. Termites are major detritivores, particularly in the subtropical and tropical regions, and their recycling of wood and other plant matter is of considerable ecological importance.

B. Statement of the Problem

This study is focused on the determination of the potential of mahogany seeds to control termites. It specifically aims to answer the following questions:
1. How effective is the mahogany seeds in terms of:
a. Mortality?
b. Length of time it can kill?
2. Is there a significant relationship between the percentage potential of mahogany seeds to control termites and that of commercial termite killers?

C. Hypothesis
The researchers considered the following hypothesis:
1. Mahogany seeds extract is an effective termite killer. 2. There is no significant difference between using mahogany seeds as termite killer and commercial termite killers

D. Significance of the Study
The study may yield important information about the termite killing potential of mahogany seeds. The utilization of the plant as improvised termiticide could be beneficial to the people especially those who have wooden property.

With this present study, it is hoped that the burden of the people on financial matters are eased because mahogany seeds are cheap source of insecticides, specifically temiticide, which is important and timely.

E. Scope and Delimitation
This research is limited only to the determination of the potential of mahogany seeds in killing termites within the extent of Jamias Residence in Brgy. #05 Cal-laguip, Batac City. In this study, the termites used are only test organisms and the number killed is for only the determination of its effectiveness.

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