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Term Paper Solution Baby Dumping Solution

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Nowadays, baby dumping cases always an issue at newspaper, magazine and also internet. Every day, the numbers of baby dumping cases increase and these cases can worry us. We cannot imagine there are people who are willing the baby dumping and them leave their babies die at place that we cannot imagine like dustbins, rivers and travelling bags. They do not feel their behaviour is wrong because they throw their own babies, while the animals still loved their babies. They think when they throw the babies, their problem can be settling, but there are wrong. There are several steps or solutions that can be done to solve this problem. Some solutions which can help to reduce the increasing number of baby dumping causes has been recognized as parents give complete religious education for their children, school should focus move on moral value and government provide more campaign to teenagers.

One solution for this problem is parents should give complete religious education for their children. Firstly, parents must give their children religious and moral education (Chiam, 2012). For instance, parent’s responsibility is to monitor their children’s activities, so that they can judge what is good or not. Besides that, parents need to educate children about sex and pregnancies in the correct way (Nazri, Zaherawati, Mohd Zool Hilmie, Zaliha, Kamarudin & Jennifah, 2012). Secondly, parents should accept the fact if their children do the mistakes (Abdul Karim, 2012). For example, parents must give good advice and do not use force to their children. Another, parents should give opinion for their children because they have a future in their lives.

Another way to reduce baby dumping problem is school must emphasize moral value in the syllabuses. The first point is teachers must teach their students about sex (Windhoek, 2011). For example, students are not taught about how to perform sex but they will disclose on reproductive system and biology of human being. The second point is baby dumping can be a serious problem and will open up our mind in our community (Nursiah, 2010). For instance, teachers must explain to their students that those who commit baby dumping will be considered as murderers which will be punished to death penalty, so that people can think wisely when they want to do baby dumping. Besides that, religious teachers can make discussion that requires interpretation of the verses of Al-Quran to teach sex education.

The third solution that can be taken to solve the baby dumping problem is government must provide more measures to teenager. Firstly, government provide the school for pregnant teenager for their future such as the one at Malacca (Mohd Ali, 2010). School should give special education to pregnant teenagers on how to handle the solution in the future and how to care for their babies. For example, they must give religious education, moral value, counselling and how to care the baby since them small. Secondly, government should prepare such as a suitable program for teenagers (Rosmah Mansor, 2011).

Example of programs are campaign and seminars for youth to inform the negative effect of baby dumping and the effect that would happen if the matter cannot be solve. For instance, campaign “Apakah Dosaku” at University for young teenagers. The objective of this awareness campaign is to promote the prevention of baby dumping. Through this campaign, it can help in developing seriousness and attention among teenagers who did not have any idea on how to prevent this matter from happening. This campaign can also increase the level of knowledge among teenagers about the importance of children that the innocent and need to be love. This campaign will educate teenagers to be more loving people.

In conclusion, there are many solutions of baby dumping cases. Parents should give complete religions education for their children, school should focus to the moral value in syllabuses and government must give campaign to teenagers are three of the solution that contribute to baby dumping cases. It is impossible to overcome this problem when there is no cooperation among each other. Baby dumping can be prevented in our country if teenagers have awareness and feel of responsibility in our life. Therefore, teenagers have to learn and know how to control themselves when they hang out with friends to avoid doing the sex when they hang out with their friends to avoid being stuck with sex. They should be smart think of the good and the bad of what will happen if they do baby dumping. Preventive measures must be taken from now to avoid more babies are being wasted and make the country peaceful and caring society.


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