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Technology’s Effects On Today’s Society

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Since the dawn of civilization, man has always worked for the betterment of himself and his tribe. As time passed by the nature of development changed along with man’s loyalty to his nation and his society. With every invention that was made, man took a step towards technology. Society’s attribute has always revolved around the technological developments that have taken place. With the passing of more time, today technology is a very decisive factor that affects the society. Society on its own has changed since newer technological advancements have brought in new tolerant levels, new addictions, new kind of behavior and new ways of getting diseases along with making life more comfortable and sophisticated then it was before. The effects on society due technological expansion are limitless and this cycle is also an endless one, as with newer technology there will be new effects on the society.

Bad effects of technology on the society

   ‘Though society has based many of its goals upon advances in technology, this may not be such a desired goal. Society in general has become less tolerant, much less motivated, and increasingly lazy’ (angel fire). There is too much work pressure than it ever was. Everyone is after achieving optimum production of goods and high end marketing is created a flux situation for the people. Today to keep their jobs on, people are expected to work out of their skin and this why there is lesser tolerance level amongst each other.  Technology has erased playgrounds from children by quiet an extent and has given joysticks in their hands on which children play endless hours of vide games. These video games are mostly content violence games which are changing the psychological behavior of children.

‘About 40 percent of those who play Mature-rated games are under 18, and children under 18 comprise less than 20 percent of the U.S. population, according to the US Census Bureau’ (Lion and Lamb Project). Video game which is part of technological development has affected the society badly and it negates the child’s thinking by, ‘Desensitizing children to violent acts and by acting as a training ground to learn aggressive behavior’ (Negative effects vs. Positive effects). Since children today are less active because of their video games, they are turning obese and ‘Dr Robinson from the British Nutrition foundation said 40% of boys and 60% of girls were found to spend less than the recommended one hour per day in physical activity’ (BBC News).

                                      Cell phones which have been a part of one’s life now seems impossible for one to survive without it, even though knowing the fact that Cellular phone increases the risk of brain cancer and cellular phones can do biological damage through heating effects’ (cancer health). Since everyone has busy life as society has changed due to work pressure which have been corresponded by technological developments, healthy food is not consumed and fast food is preferred to save on time. Places like ‘McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC and Wendy’s, have been sued’ (Diane Martindale).The invention of the internet has given rise to a new kind of addiction, which is online porn addiction where ‘there’s no doubt that some people’s porn consumption gets them in trouble — in the form of maxed-out credit cards, lost sleep, neglected responsibilities, or neglected loved ones’ (Martin F. Downs). Technology however has affected the society in the worst way by the technological advancements of weapons of mass destruction. ‘The inherent competition of weapons technologies will need no underlining to anyone familiar with the nuclear arms race’ (Technology & Altruism).

Good effects of technology on the society

It has always been seen the more advance the technology of a country, the more advance is its society. Today because of high technology many diseases have been eradicated from countries. Today vaccination which is a boon of technological advancement has been responsible for making lives safer. ‘In fact immunization, or vaccination, is one of the major public health triumphs of the 20th century. Thanks to immunization, smallpox has been completely eliminated. The threat of polio is close to being eradicated’ (CDC). Technology in the field of medical research ha stake a leap further and stem cell research has been one considered as a pioneer technology to help endless amount of people. ‘The team at the Yorkshire Cancer Research Unit, based at the University of York, has discovered how to isolate the stem cells thought to cause prostate cancer’ (Stephen Lewis, Newsquest media newspapers). Today because of this technology one can have an operation and can transplant their heart along with other failed organs. This technology is the one that can make ‘a woman walks without pain with a bone transplant and a child grows up with a new liver’ (organ transplants). Technology is coming in handy apart from medical advancements for saving lives. With the aide of new research technology, side safety air bags have been devised which particularly ‘is the type that protects both a person’s torso and head, and can turn thousands of otherwise fatal crashes into survivable accidents, according to a study released today by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’ (Consumer reports).

                               Technology has been a major boon in terms of development of work without earlier hassles in terms of invention of the computer. Society took a major change when computers lessened the work of people around and today the society is getting more changed because of palmtops as its base advantage is it is a mode of ‘wireless communications that does capabilities increase the probability that information and messages can flow as needed’ (Michael Miora).To send and receive letters didn’t seem hectic and cumbersome earlier till the rise of the internet. Its advantages are endless as ‘the internet also permit incredible amounts of communication, not only with friends, family and co-workers, but with complete strangers as well and People are now connected in ways they were not several years ago’ (positive technology effect). The universal fear of losing a child always haunts parents, but today because of technology society can breathe a sigh of relief as invention of ‘a GPS locator will allow parents to track their children anywhere in the US via the internet or through a telephone hotline’ (Jeremy Lemer). Technology’s best effect on the society is that today mechanisms can be built that not only helps in communications but helps a person in their day to day life. Japan’ robots are being trained to care for the elderly, as Japan is going to have a problem of ageing population boom. The following will indicate Japan’s robotic help to the elderly:

‘If you grow old in Japan, expect to be served food by a robot, ride a voice-recognition wheelchair or even possibly hire a nurse in a robotic suit — all examples of cutting-edge technology to care for the country’s rapidly graying population’ (Hiroko Tabuchi).

Technology has had its effects on society in the past and it will have its effects in the future. How one use technology for the betterment, is up to one’s own nature.

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