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Supporting Individuals To Maintain Personal Hygiene

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1.1 Explain why Personal Hygiene is important

Personal hygiene is important for feeling good, clean and comfortable. It gives feelings of self worth and makes you feels valued. Also being clean makes you more pleasant for other to be around you

1.2 Describe the effects of poor Personal Hygiene on Health and Well being

Not maintaining yours or your clients personal hygiene can I have many effects on health and well being including – sores
– infections
– body odours
– health deteriorating
– loss of teeth
Mentally – can lead to loss of confidence
may become more withdrawn
Emotionally – moody
not feeling good

2.5 Describe how to maintain dignity of an individual when supporting intimate personal hygiene

Maintaining dignity when assisting with personal care I always make sure doors, windows and curtains are closed. I always try to stand behind them where possible, or keep body parts covered whilst washing other parts. I always talk about other things then personal care. I always make sure they are ready to leave the room and make sure know one barges in whilst they are not decent.

2.6 Identify risks to own health in supporting an individual with personal hygiene routines

Always wear PPE to avoid potential risks such as gloves as you will come into contact with bodily fluids i.e. false teeth. Disposing of pads into correct coloured bags so not to spread infection. Soiled clothes also need to go into the correct colour bags. Make sure you wash hands before and after dealings with clients. Use alcohol sanitiser.

2.8 Identify others who may be involved in supporting the individual to maintain personal hygiene

Others may be – other staff, client family, occupational therapists, doctors, nurses, key workers, client partner, social workers.

3.1 Identify underlying personal issues that may be a cause of poor personal hygiene

Self neglect may be due to body confidence issues, they could be in pain, they could be embarrassed to ask for help, they physically cant wash themselves, they could of experienced abuse, they may be being abused, they may be hiding abuse i.e. bruises

3.2 Describe how underlying personal issue may be addressed

As a carer I would talk to the client, explain that I wont look or judge them, tell them i’m there to help and not intrude. Id speak to a senior to ask advice on how to work with this client. I would read their care plan and see if I can find a answer in there. Speak to a doctor if its medical. I would report abuse immediately

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