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Studying abroad is better than studying local university

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In this globalization era, all nation race each other to become advance and powerful country. To achieve advance level, each nation must reach the higher level of education. For that reason, there are many roots of university all over the world. University such as University of Oxford and Harvard University is best example in producing many quality graduates. This prove overseas university has many goodness. “ Do you know the goodness of studying abroad? ”. Firstly, studying abroad can improve our personal growth. This is because when we study at overseas, we will study in unique space and experience multiculture. It will help us to increase and improve our maturity and our self-confidence. Beside that, we also able to tolerate ambiguity and lasting impact on our world view. Secondly, we can improve our intercultural development through study overseas. Study abroad educators often assert that one of the goal of study abroad is to train future global leaders to be more effective and respectful to other culture.

Moreover, study overseas also train student in economic system and willing to take a stand for the world`s welfare. In addition, we will become more understand our own culture and biases. It also can develop more sophisticated way to looking the world. Thirdly, study overseas can helps us to gain the most career impact. This is because, when we study abroad we must choose an internship as part of our curriculum. This will help us ignited interest in career direction pursued after the experience in internship. Furthermore, it will allow us to acquire skill sets that influenced our career path. Next, when we study abroad, we also can improve our communication. In overseas we will easily meet people from all over the world with different language and culture. So, beside making new friend, we can learn another language such as French, Spanish and others. Moreover, it can be our secondary language and increase our vocabulary. Lastly, studying abroad has many goodness that will help us through this globalization era. Knowledge is a lamp of life. Without it, we cannot live. For all the reasons, I agree that studying abroad is better than studying local university.

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