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Spousal Abuse Social Studies Sba Essays and Term Papers

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Enfield is a community in the Four Paths area. It is located in the parish of St Mary, Jamaica. It is about 4 km. It consists of approximately 160 households. I have been a resident of Enfield, Junior Pen for the past three years and ten months. During this time, I have observed a number of women being violated in the area. Foremost among them is that they are being abused by their partners on a daily basis. There is no special time when these women are beaten. There is also the growth of women having to be hospitalized because of how badly they were beaten by their partners.

I have therefore decided to conduct a survey to do an investigation with regards to domestic violence against women in Enfield, Junior Pen.


Statement of the Problem
1. What are the factors contributing to domestic violence against women in my community and what can be done to solve this problem? Research questions:
Domestic Violence on Women is a deliberate pattern of abuse used by one partner in an intimate relationship to obtain and maintain power and control over the person.

1. What are some of the causes contributing to domestic violence on women in the community? 2. What is the level of domestic violence on women in the community? 3. How does this social issue affect children from such relationships? 4. What are some of the solutions that can be put in place to prevent such social issue?

Reasonsfor Selecting the Area of Research

The reasons for choosing this topic are to obtain further insight into the problem that affects the community, what major impact it has on the persons living in the community and measures that can be put in place to prevent domestic violenceagainst women. It crosses all racial, social and economical, cultural and religious barriers. This social issue if not addressed with urgency will “cripple” society.

Method of Investigation

To collect accurate information on the topic, Domestic Violence on Women, I decided to use of a questionnaire. The reason for choosing this method is because questionnaire as a tool for data collecting is popular method of investigation and has a number of advantages: 1. It requires little time to be completed.

2. It can be done at the convenience of the person required to have it completed. 3. It guarantees confidentiality since respondents are not required to attach their names

4. It also helps one to really know how others view the different aspects of life.

Instrument Used to Collect

The instrument used to collect data was a Questionnaire. The Questionnaire has fifteen (15) questions which help to ascertain the causes, effects and the solutions to the problem of Domestic Violence against Women.

Letter of Correspondence
Survey of Domestic Violence against Women in Junior Pen,

Junior Pen,
Enfield P.O.,
Saint Mary
November 30, 2012
Dear Residents,

This is a survey being carried out in Junior Pen to determine the causes and effects of domestic violence against women in the community. This study is being conducted as an assignment for a Social Studies School Based Assessment (SBA) I am at present pursuing. You are advised to answer the following questions honestly and truthfully. Since you do not have to write your names anywhere, no one will ever know who answered in a particular way. Remember this is not a test. There are no right or wrong answers. All of the questions can be answered by a tick in a box like this []. Thanking you,

Yours sincerely, C. Hurst


Domestic Violence can be defined as ‘any abuse between intimate partners (both past and present), including physical, sexual, emotional, verbal and financial. Anyone can be a victim, and the abuse can affect every member of the family. Have you or anyone you know or love suffered abuse in any of the forms mentioned in the above definition? If so I would be grateful if you would spare a few moments to answer these questions. This will enable me to gain clear view of the extent of Domestic Violence against women.

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