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Speech Analysis Tony Porter

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Tony Porters TED talk speech “A Call to Men” was a first person presentation on how men act towards women. Furthermore, he communicates through the audience how he personally views himself as a man that was raised in rough conditions under a father that kept his emotions hidden except for anger. In addition, Tony recalls various situations throughout the past that have shown how he is as a man towards his family and women. Tony Porter makes it clear that we must all raise our sons the right way to respect women for themselves and to view each other no more than equal.

Tony Porter organizes his speech with a warm feeling that is well rounded from beginning to end. He starts off by introducing himself and sharing a variety of stories in which he refers back to towards the end of his presentation. Their were parts of his speech that did in fact transition quite quick but he was able to put it together in a way that it sounded as if it was a story about how men are towards the opposite sex. Furthermore, Tony’s introduction was on point and direct on the subject he was there to speak about which made the presentation more interesting. In addition, he was able to successfully conclude his speech with a short powerful story. Tony Porter made his speech clear and very well organized throughout his 11 minutes of presentation.

Tony began to discuss how men are towards women and the different views towards the opposing sex. He then begins to become more louder and assertive with the word choice he choose which grips your attention until he finally states his stories in his person life and the way he views men as a whole. Furthermore, Tony presented himself well dressed and formal in order to make sure the audience knew he was factual. In addition, he was able to create an attention grabber by using his hands not to much but just enough to keep you alert and focused. Both vocational and facial skills showed throughout his presentation though at times his expressions could use a bit more enthusiasm. Tony Porter delivers his speech at a professional level that keeps you interested in knowing what he has to say next.

Tony Porter is a very well educated speaker that knows how to deliver but the advice that I would have to give him is to better organize his speech so that it can flow even more instead of jump from one story to the next then back. In addition, the delivery of his speech was flawless in my views though he could use more expressions on his face when discussing certain topics that would raise eyebrows. In all, he is a fascinating speaker that is well prepared and confident in the issue that he presents to the audience.

As you can see, Tony Porter was able to deliver a well-developed speech that included his personal life in a first person view. Furthermore, the organization of his speech was orchestrated so that it would flow and send the message he was trying to give. In addition, He was professional and prepared far in advance to be able to present his topic to the audience in which he was able to keep entertained with his tone of voice and constant body movement to take control of the audiences eyes.

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