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Sexism has influenced my life very negatively

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I believe that most negativity stems from being comfortable in my own skin. Women always want to be beautiful and impress people. I think this has brought my self confidence down because women like to compare each other. Women want to look their best, they care about what others think about them, and they want to be perfect. Women are also known to be nurturers this has influenced my life. I feel responsible for my family and making sure they all have what they need, get to places they need to be, clean up messes, and try to be the person that keeps everyone together. I guess it is just my nature to care that much about other people. As is set down and think about sexism I believe it has affected my life. However I am a strong person and do what I want to do, but before making myself happy I want to make sure that everyone is happy before I am. This has affected me greatly. I do not know what makes me happy as an individual because I am so used to doing things for others. I will be there to support, comfort, and make other people happy with me.

Sexism today however has become less of a problem. Men do no perceive women as a lesser sex because women can do whatever they want to make themselves happy and they can express to others what they think is right or wrong. Women are just a free as men. I do believe that most women will always be the nurturers because that’s how they were raised and that’s how they think it should be.

Sexism is gender discrimination and is the application of the belief or attitude that there are characteristics implicit to one’s gender that affects ones abilities. People are all affected by discrimination and I believe that this will always be the case. I can honestly say that the lifestyle I am living is great and I am happy with the way I am. I am a woman that will take the responsibilities to take care of my family and give them what they need to be happy. The reason I believe I am this way is because of my Grandmothers, Mom, Aunts, and female cousins. The females in my family are the care givers even though they are all independent in their own way. They have chosen the jobs that they all enjoy but when they come home to their family they are there for nurturing their family and caring for them.

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