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Security Objective Components

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Personal security is the component of the overall security that deserves the most attention, in the article they mention that none of the other components can work the right way without the personal security component, which is people that are hired to watch and to check for anything that seems out of order or any one that is acting in a wrong way, also if the people working within the companies pose the biggest threat then making sure that we check them first would be the best thing to do, checking the people that are being hired for security jobs and checking the people that are running the systems for those people have a clean record would be a way of stopping things from happing, fires, shootings, and bombings for example.

Physical security is the component that is the less pertinent of these particular environments the article states that physical security is made up of security hardware alarms, closed captioned television, locks, and lighting and this would be a component that wouldn’t deserve as much attention because all of these things are controlled by people and they would be programing and controlling the alarms, locks, and closed captioned television so it would have my higher attention to watch the people working the hardware in a company instead of watching the hardware that was being used by those people.

When hiring someone for a job at any company that would be running one of the security component in this company or running any hardware in that company should first have a very though background check done on all those possible employees in this it would make the chances of one of the employees being able or wanting to shoot, bomb or wanting to set fire to the building or any other person in or outside of that company less likely to happen, also if someone has been fired from the company that was part of the security or running any of the hardware involved, then the company would need, To change the codes and the hardware part of the systems to make sure the person that got fired didn’t come back to shoot, bomb, or set fire to any person that took their place or part doing the same to the building.

What components of the overall security objective would be more pertinent had these events occurred at a mall? If this had happened at a mall than physical security would be the component that would be in the highest attention place, do to it being such an open area that just about anyone could come in and leave at any time as long as the mall was open, in a mall I would keep watch on the people to see what they brought in with them and what they are taking out with them and to keep watch on things that people would be leaving behind and to keep an eye out on the way people are acting and make sure that it is a normal way most people at a mall would be acting, check for signs to show that someone is upset and wanting to do something that may bring harm to others.

Would these components present alternative countermeasures or solutions to those you have already listed? The counter measures or solutions to stopping this from happening would change if this happened in a mall instead because the risk of people being hurt would increase, Do to the amount of people that can come and go from a mall in a small amount of time, in this the security camera, exits and the people working in the mall would be who the security personnel would have to protect, also they would have to make sure to check all people working in the mall as well as the people shopping to see if any of them could be a treat or not, and to see if any of them come up as a felon and the security system data base and if the come up on a felon list if so then they would need to stop those people and to get to them before they hurt someone.

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