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Security Guard and Dependable Security Agency

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Due to the development of Science and Technology the Programming was being published. It is a means of making work easy and fast, work that cannot be made by human action in one instance, now through programming we don’t need to do such complicated things; we let the computer do which were adopted by majority worldwide. With these advantages, Dependable Security Agency automated Monitoring Payroll and Billing System will adopt this new technology in order to facilitate fast updates of information to the world.


Description of Research

Monitoring, Payroll and Billing System

Background of the Study

Dependable Security Agency was established on the year of 2003 with starting capital of 1.5 million pesos. There first site was located on the PIT building, they transfer to the past building of the DJM Grandeur Pagadian which is located near the PIT building. For this present time they are still planning to move again since they are expanding. The Agency started with one employee only, today they have more than four hundred (400) employees. The Agency has five branch, there main branch was situated here in Pagadian City and then to Bohol, Bukidnon, Ipil, and Zamboanga City. The owner of this Agency is Mr. Allan B. Bendicio a retired Major Military and he is the General Manager of the said agency, together with him is his business partner Mr. Cambino Lintas a retired 2nd Lieutenant which is the acting Chief Security Officer of the agency.

Overview of the Current State of Technology

The current state of operation being used by the agency is in manual form. The information of the Security Guards are recorded manually and so every time they process the information of the Security Guards they search it manually which takes a long time cause the information of the security guards are piled to the cabinet. Computation of salary is being done individually which take much time to finish.

Research Objective
Nowadays almost all people who are running business are being influence by the modern world (the computer era), means almost establishments are using computer generated System / Program. We as the computer 4th Year student of WMSU-ESU are conducting a study at Dependable Security Agency, to provide enhancement of process and smooth flow of the operation of the agency. To fulfill the required subject which Thesis (CS 144) as per mandatory for graduation. We proposed a Monitoring, Payroll and Billing System. When we talk about Monitoring, Payroll and Billing System it is management system designed to solve the long processing transaction of the Dependable Security Agency, set up and use comprehensive employee pay processing. It features predefined earning/deduction, leave calculations, bilingual check stubs and a time clock interface. Below are the General and Specific Objectives.

General Objective
The General Objective of the study is to make an Automated Monitoring Payroll and Billing System of Dependable Security Agency that will hold and process the information being used on their every transaction.

Specific Objective
The Specific Objective of the study is to give easy work to the staff and make the daily transaction of the agency fast.

* To computerized the recording of information of the Clients and Security Guards as well as to record the posting of Guards to the Client Establishment. * To identify the Regular and Contractual Security Guards with its corresponding salary. * To record the performance of Security Guards conducted by the Inspector. * To record the Statement of Accounts of the Clients.

* To automatically compute the salary of the Security Guards with respect to its deductions such as the Phil-health, SSS, Commission and more. * To automatically produce Reports catered during 15th day. * Accurate Recording replacement of Securities in case of absence or leave.

* Operation Staff – to make the long processing transaction of the Operation staff fast.
* Admin Staff – to help the admin staff monitor the validation of guns issued to the Security Guards easily. * General Manager- to make the management well organized.

* Inspector – to keep track the record of performance of the Security Guards.
* Security Guards – to get the salary on time.

Scope and Limitation
Automated Monitoring Payroll and Billing System are made possible through the unity of the group. The success of this study is projected; the research study focuses on Dependable Security Agency Monitoring Payroll and Billing task. And it has limited scope of performing such task. Only the system Administrator of this system can have full access of the programs such as maintaining system connectivity, inquire and generate reports necessary for the day to day transaction of the agency and can set formulas for the production of salaries with appropriate deductions. The security of the system but in case of system failure, the administration must establish other alternative to process the transaction. It could be sending any documents of the applicant directly for legal purpose and confirmation of the transaction.

Significance of Research
The proposed study aims to develop a reliable and manageable computerized Monitoring Payroll and Billing System for Dependable Security Agency, for a better manageable of business. The proposed computerized Monitoring Payroll and Billing System will give a big relief to the employees, since the pay slip will be deploy early as caused by the automatic computation of the salaries and ease the employers doing the financial and operational work on the establishment.

Related Literature
The Monitoring, Payroll and Billing System of Dependable Security Agency provide to automate the transaction of the establishment. The system will manage the information being stored for the production of outputs and results being asked for, as well as the generation of data’s into paper files. Monitor the posting and relieving actions of the security guards, identify the posting area and shows the work status of each guards. Automatically computes the deduction of the salary and generate pay slip to the security guards. Make the daily operations of the agency fast and easy.

Concept of the Program
The concept of the program resource is that it records the information of the employee’s provided with the Employee’s ID to be identified aside from identifying the full name. It has settings which contains the updates of commission and any other deductions like the Pag-Ibig, SSS, Phil-health and Cash Advances. The program also provides individual and group pay slip form to be viewed. It also included the designation record keeping of the employee’s in order to monitor what station do the employee belongs. The concept of changing the work status (casual, regular) with its corresponding basic pay rate is being drawn. The main form shows all the buttons necessary, without placing on a menu bar, to operate the entire system.

Program Design

Edit Employee Record Form
Add New Employee Record Form
The Main Form

Pay slip Form
Setting Form
Delete Employee Record Form

Lock Control Key
Pay slip View Form

Problems in the Program
Some of the problems encountered in the resource program are that it has no search section where you can search one particular information of the employee from the list of records. The system do provide search section but for updating purposes. The system displays the list of the entire employee’s record alphabetically on the main form without providing search button. The system doesn’t provide pop-up messages where the user may be reminded of the task needed to be done or take to be noticed for acknowledgement. It doesn’t provide history of records.

Programming Language
The Programming Language being used by the resource system is Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, and the kind of Database it used is Microsoft Data Access.

Client Server Application
The Client Server Application of the system is the user will record the employee’s information and command to save the information into the database to be used on another transaction. The system displays all the records of the employee’s information on the main form alphabetically, to be viewed directly. It has an option section where the user may request the program to update the information and work status of the employee’s and increase or decrease the salary deductions. It could also request the system to activate the lock security while the system is at unused mode. The database provide user with information of the net pay of the employee’s with its deductions being shown and provide options if the cash advance would be alter or not.

Program Editor
The resource system has an add, edit, delete button. The first action the system must have is the adding of employee’s information to be processed and edited in some ways. The delete button serves as the remover of the record of the employee’s.

Database and Program Security
The resource program database security is limiting access to the second user while free access to the entire system for the Admin user. Its program security is by providing lock keys in the moment it is not use for a long period of minutes. Chapter 3

System Description

System Overview

The Monitoring, Payroll and Billing System of Dependable Agency is a system that will hold and manage the information of the Agency such as the recording of information of the security guards, the monitoring of their assign area or establishment designation, the computation of their salary with its deductions and the billing procedure of the agency. It will enable the client to have a better managing of records, easy storing and fast retrieving of information, quick transaction and reliable source of information. The system will identify the regular and contractual security guards, compute and deduct the wages of salary of the security guard, record automatically the relieving of security guard in case of request for absence. The Proposed system is capable of producing report catered during 15th days. It automatically computes the loyalty fees and external fees such as Pag-Ibig, SSS and Phil Health.

System Objective
The main purpose of the system is to perform activity on computerized way rather than manually which is time consuming creating a Monitoring Payroll and Billing system that will change the currently used manual-based system to an automated monitoring payroll and billing system because as time passed by it is important for all the projects to have progress through modern way of technology. To develop this kind of system we gather information in Dependable Security Agency and the other things that system has connection, analyzing every part of information that we gather on our investigation like on how a security apply in their company, how they relieve the absence on the security, how they assign the security accordingly and etc. every single details of the agency we gather it all so that we can design our system through our own.

System Scope and Limitation
The Automated Monitoring Payroll and Billing System of Dependable Security Agency comprise many operations, its scope is to automatically record the information and monitor the designation of Security Guards. Produce billing results and Pay slip every after 15th days, started from the first day of the month. Generate reports necessary for the day to day transaction of the agency and can set formulas for the production of salaries with appropriate deductions. With its Scope, its corresponding Limitation is system unavailability to the other branch by means of connecting the system. The visualization of Security Guards while on duty by means of video capturing connected to the system.

The use of making an automated monitoring payroll and billing serves as many purposes. It helps you in saving valuable time and effort like for instance making payroll and billing manually, monitor employees absences and replacements. Dependable Security Agency Automated Monitoring Payroll and Billing System has improve from their current manual monitoring payroll and billing, it has brought dynamic change in the world of monitoring payroll and billing. Analyzing every part of information that we gather on our investigation so that we can design our own system.

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