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Science change in human life

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Science, which brought a great change in human life, is not only the reason for the development of the world but also a major cause for the pollution and other causes that might lead to the destruction of the world. Though the study of science has brought many new inventions into our sight, they are more harmful than they are useful to the human world. For instance, the invention of Nuclear Power. I accept that Nuclear Power has many uses, but of it may lead to a huge destruction. The radiations of the Nuclear Power are very danger that they might cause tremendous damage to human life.

Though the Nuclear Power plants are established at distant places from the human living places, they are still harmful that they can pollute the earth with toxic wastes. Nuclear accidents can spread ‘radiation producing particles’ over a wide area, this radiation harms the cells of the body which can make humans sick or even cause death. Even it helps us in the development of the world, it is the one that causes the damage to our lives. Another example is that, the invention of Atomic Bomb. We know that Atomic Bomb, which is the source for huge explosion, is used as a weapon during wars.

At the time of war it may be used as a weapon against some country and create a great damage, but the major thing is that it is not only the cause of damage for that particular country, on which it is used, but also for the entire world. It damages the earth on which we all live. I do not believe that civilization will be wiped out in a war fought with the atomic bomb. Perhaps two-thirds of the people of the earth will be killed. So, though it is a defensive weapon, it may lead to the destruction of the entire world. In addition to these harmful inventions, scientists, performing dangerous scientific experiments, die in the lab while conducting experiments.

The study of science is very risky and harmful. If scientists would not take care while performing experiments, it might not only affect them but also the human life. Also, every time when scientists want to test something, they first experiment on monkeys or rats. During testing these animals, they die. It’s not fair to kill them to test something. So, scientists have to discover new things to test something instead taking the lives of such animals. The misuse of science and its inventions have bought human life to the complete destruction.

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