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Nearly all students do not support school uniforms; however they do not know the benefits in wearing them. However, does wearing school uniforms really give pupils a sense of identity and encourages good discipline? Schools keep emphasizing that uniforms is a must to maintain students’ behavior. Is this really true?First of all, school uniforms create an atmosphere where students will be able to share their thoughts because students around them would be wearing the same clothing. This would limit distractions in the classroom, producing a better teaching and learning zone. Revealing clothes would be banished and females will be much more discipline.

Secondly, school uniforms ensure that every student is equal. No bullying of poorer students would occur. Also, students are unable to pressure their friends for wearing ‘cheap’ clothes. Schools limit bullying and peer pressure, making schools a safe and conducive environment for productive learning.

Thirdly, schools’ attendance could be controlled slightly with the help of uniforms. When policemen caught students loitering around the neighborhood, the policemen would ‘escort’ the students to their respective schools. Disciplinary actions would be taken if students are being caught. Hence, this would allow students to reach school on time for lessons.

Fourthly, students would feel that they belong to somewhere. Also, they would not act outrageous when they are wearing their uniforms. The sense of belonging to the school will encourage them to act smartly in public places. Representing their schools, they have to behave themselves and not become a public nuisance.

Lastly, since schools have each of their unique uniforms, students could be easily identified by school officials. Having this sense of identity, it helps school officials recognize intruders and take certain precautions. Schools would be a peace place to be in.

But, wearing school uniforms also has its disadvantages too. By wearing school uniforms, it only changes students physically. It does not change students inside out.

Even though schools make it a must for students to wear uniforms, students become more rebellious. This could be seen as students still alter school uniforms by tightening or shortening pants and skirts. Often, students feels that it’s creative and ‘in’.

When teachers ask their students a question, how many of them would answer? I believe that only few wearing uniforms would do so. Students wearing casual clothes usually feel more confident. Since students do not have to bother much about how they talk, they are able to speak more openly, express themselves freely and give their opinions.

Wearing school uniforms does not make students better persons. They are still themselves and can still acquire good disciplinary manners. Uniforms are just attires wore on the outside. When students go out to work, many would not be wearing uniforms to work. They do not need to apply their ‘sense of identity’ skill too.

In a nutshell, I agree that school uniform gives pupils a sense of identity and encourages good discipline. Schools’ main objectivity is to make sure that students have good moral values. When students can work together and behave well, I don’t see why anyone should complain.

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