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School Speech

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Education is an irreplaceable gift that makes us happy peaceful , fearless and doubtless , but most importantly it makes us better human beings. Education itself removes the darkness away from our lives and suddenly we see how beautiful the world is. Education doesn’t consist of school and pointless years of work we will never need, but of the experience in our lives because experience is often our best teacher. Gaining knowledge and getting good grades does not make one educated. An educated person consist of learning how to live, how to hope, and how to behave around others. This is why school should be available once we know what we want to do in life. Once we reach the correct age to make a decision, then we can start our education in the field that we truly desire. (2) In the movie “The Giver“, the education system was organized ,systematic and career oriented. In that movie by the age of 12 the children had to choose what they wanted to do later on in the future. For our society I believe the appropriate age should be 16-18. At this age we are able to make our own choices and to see what we want to get out of life.

Children that are 5-15 should attend to school to learn the basics of life and be prepared to make a choice . This way our education will be more effective and will be taking more seriously . This will also help people be more successful in life and teachers would be highly respected . By having an education system like this it will allow students to focus on one career and not have to deal with taking 8 classes and trying to study and learn all at once. Later on if the student decided that if he/she wants to change or study another career it will be available for them. Teachers will also benefit from this by not having to plan much or have a lot of time taken away from their personal lives. The education system that is being given now has many flaws that aren’t useful for our education for example all the wait of time like bell work, walking from class to class , and having assignments that are not really teaching us anything and are only being used to bring up our grades.

Being a straight A student does not always assure you of getting a good job or being a successful . (3) In fact according to The U.S Department of Education, only fifty six percent of the students who enter America’s colleges and universities graduate within six years. And that is the ones who are both full time students and part-time students . Most of the ones who are part-time cant afford to be a full time student and take longer or drop out that is why only twenty two percent graduate . Also study’s and test have shown that the education in the United States is mediocre compared to the rest of the word. In 2012, more than half a million fifteen year old kids took a test around the world to compare the education in each country , this test consist of portions of math, science, and ,.l+.[minor sections of reading .(3)The united states scored below average in the math section of the test and ranks 17th.

In the science section it ranks 21st and reading 17th and this is all among the 34 OECD that took the test in the country . (4) I believe that changing the education system would change our lives in a(5) positive way . The number of students graduating would go up and we would only be taught what we need to successfully graduate from our career, The economy would go up do to more people being employed and having more knowledge in real world situations, and the number of poor people would slowly decrease. Only the people that are concerned with their education, their county, their future and the future of their children would agree with making this become a part of the education system in the United States. I also believe that change can start in education if the population begins to(5) improve we will have more educated people and from there everything will benign to escalate and our country will improve . Explanation page context:This speech would be written by a person with a proposal to make education more effective to a group of people that are interested in making education the country and the future better.

Audience: The audience for this speech would be the people that want a change in education it can apply to student, parents or even people that just want a change in the country this speech can persuade anybody to show them that this system is what is best for their lives for them to later on be successful and not have to study useless things that will probably not be remembered or used later on in life.

Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to persuade its readers or listeners to take action into making a better education system subject: changing the education system of the United States can be beneficial to the country and its people Pathos( fist and second sentence (1) ) :Pathos was used to fist capture the readers attention and show them how important education can be and what it can do to us in the future and in our every day lives. This will interest the reader into wanting all this wonderful things in their lives and will help them understand how people feel about education.

Examples( 9th sentence (2) ) : Examples are what makes the reader understand and picture what you are talking about . My example for this speech was “The Giver” it is a story that had the same type of education that I proposed to try. It make the reader connect to the story and picture what their lives would be if the education system was to be changed.

Logos (24th sentence and 32 (3)) : Logos are things that are logic and its statistics like numbers , facts . I used this in my speech to make the reader understand what I was trying to show them and to back up my point of view. In this case was changing the education system in the United States.

Ethos (34th sentence (4)) : I used ethos to show the listener or reader that I am credible and that they can trust what I am telling them also to persuade to them and to get my point of view across . For example then I said that the change would be positive , I was credible and showed them later on that changing the education system would be a good idea.

1. Diction (35 41th sentence (5)) : I sued diction through out the speech but specialy at the end to show the audience that the system that I was talking about was something that would be positive in their lives. For example positive way or improve and other words that persuade the reader to believe its a positive thing.

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