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Rules are Made to be Broken

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Someone may agree with this statement because someone might feel that life is too short to be following rules and that they should live life how they want. Although they should not do things that are extreme and are UN necessary for example killing someone would be extreme and they should not be going to these extremes. However small rules might not matter to people and so that some rules might be broken regularly. If someone was at home and there was a house rule that you have to clear the plates away and one day you didn’t want to or couldn’t because you needed to be somewhere then this would be an acceptable rule to break as there is not severe consequences

An example of when it may be acceptable would be that if there was a traffic light and people would have to decide whether they would break the rule for example if they had a dying child in the back of the car and the light turned red, in order to save the Childs life they would need to go through the red light then they should be able to break the rule to save their life. This is an example of a rule that should be broken in order of the circumstances

Mill believed in higher and lower pleasures so it would depend on the rule being broken if the rule that would be being broken would end up with a higher pleasure as the outcome then I think that Mill would agree with this statement for example if the outcome was for an educational purpose then mill would tolerate the breaking of a rule. However Mill was all for a rules and believed that rules was necessary this meant that he may of actually thought that rules are made to be followed if people disobeyed these rules then having these rules are pointless and shouldn’t exist.

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