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Rhinoplasty Commonly Known as a Nose Job

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So we want to talk about a surgery which is going to change your looks in a way that your friends may not even recognize you after! As you all could guess, it of course is a facial surgery called ‘Rhinoplasty’! However it is definitely the only facial surgery that will get your friends to admire you!

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job is something that involves changing the shape of the nose to make its cosmetic appearance better and to make it well shaped. In some cases they may also be a functional problem such as difficulty in breathing through the nose this is something that can also be corrected by this surgery.

Fact About Rhinoplasty Surgery

A Rhinoplasty surgery is a surgery in which the surgeon adds or removes a part to patients nose. Removing is more common but adding a part to someone’s nose must be a new thing that you have never heard of! Sometimes a patient loses a part of his/her nose due to accident or something else. Doctors add parts (usually made of silicone) to shape their nose as well as they can! Or sometimes removal may make the nose look even worse so they add a part and stretch the skin! In addition, Rhinoplasty is the right surgery to fix any damage to a nose or to make it even better than how it was before.

What Is the Beat Time for Rhinoplasty?

People seek Rhinoplasty either because they want their nose to look better or because they want to breath better or sometimes both so there is no specific age, that’s best for Rhinoplasty, a lot of patients get it when they are young because it is something they want it through their childhood years and they tend to wait until kids are 15 to 17 years of age before we allow them undergo Rhinoplasty Surgery. But to be honest we can perform it at any age.

What Is Unique About a Rhinoplasty Procedure?

Often times people say Rhinoplasty is the most complicated procedure in plastic surgery and that view is there because the three Dimensional (3D) Anatomy, the detail the fact that we are also treating a functional organ and you have to breath afterwards makes it very very complicated.

How Can I Know if My Nose Will Fit My Face?

Its really important after Rhinoplasty that the nose fits persons face. It has to go well with other features of the persons face. So Doctors put a lot of attention to make sure that this is the case. One of the ways they do that is to use Computer Imaging. There are both 3 Dimensional and 2 Dimensional computer imaging system so they are able to perform surgery almost in advance of the actual procedure. And this is just one of several ways that they use to make sure that the shape of the nose will match the face and also make the patient feel better about his/her face.

How Long Is the Recovery Time?

Most of the patients are surprised that after Rhinoplasty they don’t have that much pain! Its because people hear those horror stories from decades ago about how difficult it was for their mother or father to go through Rhinoplasty or someone they know. In the majority of cases recovery procedure is not difficult. Patients take one week off from work or school, after that they are fine to resume all of their social activity and work. Other people wont notice that surgery was performed after about a week or so. Most patients wont have visible bruise thanks to modern technology and techniques which are really beneficial.

So the recovery time is initially about a week. sometimes you see on the internet that they say ‘it takes a long long time to heal’ but lets face it! Its just to get rid of the little bit of swelling that stays for a year or so. Well swellings are very common in surgeries due to body’s healing process but since the Nose is center of attention it will be more obvious in this surgery but it is going to get better! no need to be worried about it. And there is going to be a dressing applied to the breech of your nose to protect it and allow it to heal properly. They often remove the dressing about a week after surgery.

Will a Rhinoplasty Surgery Help Me Breath Better?

One of the things that makes Rhinoplasty unique is that it is the marriage of the form and the function. For many patients the breathing is very important. They want a good look in the outside and a greater breath in the inside. You may think that is kind of difficult to have smaller look in the outside and a bigger breath in the inside but the breathing is actually not working that way. The key thing to breath well is to have open and well shaped breathing channels in the nose so it is kind of separated from the outside part of the nose which is mostly not related to channels.

Am I Suitable for a Rhinoplasty?

If you are thinking and willing to undergo a Rhinoplasty and you are not happy with the shape of your nose, surgeon is the most important thing you need to be careful about. During the appointments the Surgeon should find out exactly what are your particular concerns with your nose and explain to you what can be done surgically to meet your expectations.

How Is the Rhinoplasty Procedure Carried Out?

Rhinoplasty is carried out under a day case procedure and you wont need to stay at hospital over night. There are two parts of the nose. There is an Upper Bony part and a lower cartilage part. The upper bony part forms the breech of the nose and the lower cartilage parts includes the tip of your nose. They are both changeable depending on the patient and the nose.

If you felt a little need for this surgery in you after reading this, dont push the feeling down! Listen to it and go for it. We all deserve to look the way we like don’t we?

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