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Responsible World Citizen

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A citizen is a native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection. This can apply to anybody, in any country across the world. Being a world citizen means being responsible for the country you live in, to help the people around you and to participate in a community. A world citizen should be knowledgeable, willing to learn, and able to look at all sides of an issue. A responsible world citizen should be open to new ideas and cultures, should not have ethnic or religious biases, and should also be humanitarian and understanding. This person would be able to look at the world and understand how actions cause ripple. They would think about the long term reactions to the things that they do; knowing that the decisions they make in the present will affect their future with consequences, good or bad. They are the change the wish to see in the world and they also want the other people around them to understand that their choices are not only impacting them, but the people around them as well.

“…Every man’s death diminishes me.” (John Donne), what happens affects everyone; a responsible world citizen would keep this in mind with their decision making, knowing everything they choose affects the people that the care about as well. A world citizen considers themselves as part of a greater system of things. We are all simply different parts of the same universe–however you wish to view that, scientifically or spiritually. Even if they have a religion that they feel to be the most correct, they would never try to force their beliefs on another person. They are loyal to the rights of the people around them more so than they are their country. They would not feel the right to disrupt the rights of others, and they would support the freedom of all people; even if they are not as advanced as they believe them to be. World citizens with be accepting of other people’s rights, but not of their rights being disrupted.

They would be open to others’ ideas and values, beliefs and opinions; a responsible citizen would never be judgmental of someone who thinks differently of them. They would take a walk in someone else’s shoes, to understand how someone else lives their lives. They would live by “Be kind, for everyone you know is fighting a hard battle” (Philo). They would understand that they might be in a similar situation to someone else eventually and they would help rather than hinder them; so they could possibly get the same help in the future when they need it most. A responsible world citizen would help and encourage advancement; but would never force it upon anyone who was not ready for such advancement. They would remember that they were once in the position of the under-advanced society, and came to advancement eventually. They would apply their passions or skills in a way that would benefit all of society, not just for their own good. They would understand that beliefs change, as do people. What one believed yesterday, they might not believe today.

They would realize that even though they may be right most of the time, they are still in wrongdoing twice as much as they know. They would realize that the little people might need more attention than the rich, and profit would no longer be the main goal of a business. Value to the world and providing health care, cost of living wages and improving their lifestyles in general will be their main goal; and they would fight for their rights for these things, but they would do it in a civil manner. They believe that cooperation is key to getting the things that you want. They will be outspoken but open for a debate about their opinions, but also know when to surrender the floor to the other man when they know that they are wrong. They would not be afraid to stand up for what they believe in and defend it to their deaths, but realize that their opinions will differ from someone else’s, and will know that that is okay and is bound to happen with the different ways of thinking and beliefs in the society that they live in.

They would display their argument with respect and dignity on the topic, and they would show understanding for the opposing view, but they would never give up a fight if someone tried to suppress them. They would be informed on what is going on in the world, and participate and voice their opinions until they know that they have been heard by the world. They would be a part of the solution to the problem that the world is facing and would be willing to undergo anything to help fix it. They would communicate clearly with everyone; their ideas would not fall on deaf ears, and if they were to, they would make sure that someone would eventually hear them. They would be knowledgeable enough to be critical to others plans and guide themselves and others closer to a solution to a problem; but they would also be open to criticism themselves, and not take it to heart or get upset over such things.

They would look for realistic solutions to the problems that the world faces, and not try anything that does not seem like it would be the best decision. Their values are what define them; their ability to know right from wrong so easily is what will guide them through their decision making that may help the world in some great way. Negotiation is how they will get what they want and need; being forceful would not be rewarded, but defending themselves as they need it would not be glanced past if it was necessary. To be joyful and happy in the things that they receive, be it from nature or manufactured, to know that they are grateful that something was given to them in a time of need or pleasure. They will have qualities that distinguish them from most other people. Showing the qualities of a gentleman or a lady; with manners, class, and a distinct elegance that awes everyone they meet.

They would also be somewhat noble in the way that they display themselves; never embarrassing the people whom they defeat, supporting the poor, know how to talk to certain people, and be courageous in a time of panic. To be a responsible world citizen you would have to be: born to international couple (of different nationalities), travel around the world from childhood; play with kids of different races and nationalities as their own. To learn different languages is to learn about another’s culture through speech. There are idioms that cannot be translated to another language, and that is what makes learning a language so important to truly knowing one’s culture and being able to help them in all the ways that you can. They would be humble and happy for the things that they have; of course they will have the normal urge for more in their lives but they will be content with the things they own at the moment, and will never be upset if they do not have the best of everything all the time To understand that there is not a country or place in the world that is superior to the other; all mankind is working together to better the world is part of the makeup of a responsible world citizen.

Without a doubt, they would have the values of royalty and display them well, but would also care for the little man and fight for what they may need. They would be content with the things that they have, and would be happy to share with others who may need it more. They would be open-minded and respectful to all people and their opinions. They would be knowledgeable about things, and loyal to their country. Most of all, they would understand that what they do today will affect not only their future, but everyone around them also. Being able to live and grow in a place that you call home and show respect for the natural things that have given you so much in life without being asked. To show love and concern for others, and also get that in return from the people who have been helped by their selflessness.

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