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Relationship between people and gods in Gilgamesh

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There is fundamental aspect impact on course of event in Gilgamesh which is realationship between gods and people in Gilgamesh. In this perceptive, i pinpoint some severalchronologize dialog in Gilgamesh. To begin with, despite the fact that Gilgamesh protect Uruk’s boundaries snugly, Uruk’s society is upset because of the his bullying on Uruk society.This circumstances are stated in Tablet 1 line 70, by day and by nigth his tyranny grows. People of Uruk implore to the goddess Aruru to solve Gilgamesh’s tyranny inUruk. Aruru respond prays creating the new sort of creature which is equall strength with Gilgamesh,Enkidu. In this circumstanece, people of Uruk appeal Aruru because they beleive Aruru is mankind and she is side with equality. Therefore, she made a Enkidu who is equal strength with Gilgamesh. But, there is minor detail that Aruru do not punish Gilgamesh directly she just vanish the despiration of Uruk’s society with sending Enkidu. Moreover, she is not punish in Gigamesh in a same way, she just want to create more equall envireonment.

Approaching the story from a different standpoint, with Enkidu coming to Uruk society , Enkidu has good relationship between Gilgamesh and make good friends. This is seems like contradictary with Aruru’s thougth,in the first place society want to challange these two person .if readers look at praying Uruk’ people to god. But some way, after they are making good friend, Gilgamesh tyranny is not mentioned in the book because of their close relationship. To cite an example,in the Tablet 2, Gilgamesh spend nigth and have sexual relationship with subordinate woman before wedding cerromony . This may seems Gilgamesh show the strength and whatever he wants in society. After Enkidu come to Uruk, the book never mention about wedding ceremonies and other tranny action. In conclusion of this part, the goddess of Aruru fulfill Uruk’s prays, considering the society need and tje gods are not completly abstracted from society.

To continue with, Shamash is very active role as a sun good in Gilgamesh. Shamash is very key character in Gilgamesh and key factor for Tablet 2,4 and 7. In the tablet 2, Shamash and Enkidu has very close relationship and help Enkidu to find Uruk. She humanise the Enkidu and Enkidu feel himself as a human instead of some sort of monster. Thanks to Shamash, Enkidu cloth same garment, eat bread and drink wine. She found Enkidu because Gilgamesh need assistance to meet with Enkidu. To continue with, in the journey of Humbaba Shamash also assist Gilgamesh and Enkidu with her ligths(she is sun god) in order to find the road of Cedar Forest. Also, Gilgamesh and Enkidu are storngly trust Shamash. In the tablet 6, bothGilgamesh and Enkidu sacriface the Bull of Heaven to Shamash as showing appreciationto her serves in Forest Cedar.

In tablet 7 , Shamash defend Enkidu aganaist Enlil(another god) in a logical way. It stated that Tablet 7, ” Was it no at your word that they slew him, the Bull of Heaven and als? Humbaba ? Now shall innocent Enkidu die?”. In this tablet, Shamash defend Enkidu depite of onject to other god’s attitute toward Enkidu.

Another relationship between god and people is Enlil and Gilgamesh’s relationship.In tablet 7 after the journet of Cedar, Ishtar make a marriage a proposal to Gilgamesh, but Gilgamesh reject her offer as showing excuse to her noterity on marriage. In this condition, Gilgamesh can easily reject Ishtar and without thinking its results . Despite of Ishtar is affected Gilgamesh victory, she use killing Humbaba as a disrespect towards gods. So, she wants to take revenge from Gilgamesh because of rejection of marriage proposal. Therefore, she take ravange from Gilgamesh by life of Enkidu. It is acutally very contradictary because it could approach revenge and seperating two loving man. the fact that book is not mentioned they can be fullfill love each other. Because, they are popular with their sexual relationship in the begining of the story. After meeting with each other, they are not involve any sexual relationship , additionally marriage ceremony which is sort of custom is not occur after meeting with each other. In the end, Enkidu die because of sickness. Despite Gilgamesh afraid of bad raputation of Ishtar, finally he expose İshtar’s curse in a some way.

In the last tablet, there is a relationship between Utuna-pishti and god Ea. Ea want to make boat by Utunapisti, because of coming extremely raining. Utunapishti make boat without interrogate Ea. In the book tablet 11 line 43,
Ea state the reason of raining “an abundace of birds, a profision of fishes. He will provide a harvest of riches. In the morning he will send you shower of bread cakes, and in the evening a torrent of wheat”. Therefore, public do not suspect about making boat. But the raining is not bring abundance just bring death. On this occasion, Ea want to punish Euphates society which is not stated in the book. In this purpose, Ea used Utunapishti in this purpose . But Ea lied to Utunapishti an also the other people in order to reaching his purposes. It is not clear that why Ea wants to made boat to Utunapishti. It could be saving the animals around the place, because Ea just want to punish people of Euphrates. İn the end, Utunapisti take immortality from god because of obeying Ea’s words.

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