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Gilgamesh Essays

Fatalism in Gilgamesh and Sophocles

Two stories that come out of ancient civilizations include Sophocles’ Antigone and the Epic of Gilgamesha Verse Narrative, edited by Herbert Manson. These two books contain ruthless and stubborn leaders, Creon and Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh tells the story of the king of Uruk and his quest for immortality. While on this …

The epic of Gilgamesh in Sumerian

Two tales that come out of ancient civilization include Sophocles Antigone and the epic of Gilgamesh. In these two books are ruthless leads, Creon and Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh tells the story of the king of Uruk and his quest for immortality. While on this quest, Gilgamesh becomes a changed man and …

The Flood Accounts In The Epic Of Gilgamesh And The Genesis

INTRODUCTION       There has been a debates existing as to which of the Flood Accounts in the Epic of Gilgamesh and the book of Genesis is the older text. This issue came out when the flood stories were found and happen to be similar. What makes the issue on the …

The Concept of Happiness in Gilgamesh, Odyssey and Augustine’s Confession

Most people throughout the centuries have pursued happiness one way or another. Even ancient texts support this claim. There are different means of achieving happiness though. This all depends on the way that happiness is understood and defined. The books of Gilgamesh, Odyssey and Augustine’s Confessions all have different definitions …

Significance of Recurrent Dreams in Gilgamesh

When we look at the meaning of dreams in today’s society we find a variation of things. Some believe dreams are based on the subconscious desires; an example of such would be getting a kiss from a female you think is beautiful on television. Dreams are a reflection of people’s …

The Epic Tale of Gilgamesh

The story of Gilgamesh is a Babylonian epic poem, which is collection of Sumerian legends and poems about the mythological hero-king Gilgamesh, ruler in third Millennium B.C. It is known as the earliest surviving epic poem along with Homer’s “Iliad” and Odyssey,” Virgils “Aeneid” as well as “Beowulf” and has …

‘Oedipus the king’, ‘Gilgamesh’ and ‘Don Quixote’

The stories of ‘Oedipus the king’, ‘Gilgamesh’ and ‘Don Quixote’ all reflect the same thing in the reader’s mind. They all are brave and dare to do anything to succeed, but all the three characters are controlled by the hands of their fate. The stories are written in different environment …

Epic of Gilgamesh

In the quest story of The Epic of Gilgamesh, the protagonist Gilgamesh journeys through the stages of separation, initiation, and reconciliation in the search of immortality. “The narrative focused on the exploits of an epic hero”(litracy.com) The first stage of the quest is the call. “The call to adventure sets …

Gilgamesh Is from Ancient Sumer

Gilgamesh is one of the oldest recorded stories in the world. It tells the story of an ancient King of Uruk, Gilgamesh, who may have actually existed, and whose name is on the Sumerian King List. The story of Gilgamesh, in various Sumerian versions, was originally widely known in the …

Gilgamesh and Ramayana

There was a time when gods and demons roamed the earth. A time when humanity lived at the mercy of divine beings, who executed their wills against the humans, following their own selfish desires and placing humans in a position of piety to these dominant beings. This time on earth …

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