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Reflection Management Style

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Has your definition of a manager changed based on this course? Discuss. After reading my paper from week one, (Management Style Essay) I think my position on the definition of a manager is the same. All the qualities of a good manager are still the same, I retook the test and came up with the same results, and I understand what it means to manage. Even if I have never been in that position, I think with time I could do it. Do you still agree with the good qualities originally identified? Would you add or delete any original qualities? If anything I would add to what I had in my original essay, interpersonal relationships shape useful and open connections with coworkers, conveying work associates. Also, the manager should be able to comprehend economic facts and set objectives for the staff to advance in the direction of realization. And finally what manager can’t build a team with success. This permits another staff to work together extra successfully with each other. Individuals sense they have turn out to be extra – extra useful, further imaginative, and extra beneficial – in the attendance of a group creator. Do you still agree with the poor qualities originally identified? Would you add or delete any original qualities? I still agree will all the answers from the first essay, but I would add a couple more. Fall short in making available well-defined control, bosses decline to generate values and provide those well-defined hopes.

As a result, they recognize what they are thought to do, besides the question why they flop. “If you make every task a priority, people will soon believe that there are no priorities. More importantly, they will never feel as if they have accomplished a complete task or goal” Heathfield, S. M. (2014). Do the qualities change based on different situations (social environment, work environment, or home environment)? On this, I would say my opinion has changed, because now I have learned more about job burnout or managers that are unfair. In addition, there has been a time when we have all worked for a company that we were less than thrilled about. The contentment originates from the work setting that is occupied with helpful and pleasure. A confident job setting is not just valuable for our bodily, intellectual and expressive wellbeing, but is also vital to the company. The healthier we deem at our job, the more probable we yearn for happiness in our work interests.

As a result, if we feel more devoted to work, our work performances will only enhance. Discuss the results of your management quiz (pre and post). The results of my management quiz were the same. From week one till week five, they didn’t have anything knew to tell me that I didn’t already know. Did your results change? Discuss. There are no changes in the results. But that is fine, because I did great on the test. I am not sure how well that will translate into the real world, but time will tell. The only thing I can do is keep pushing forward and making progress. I have made changes, and I am back in yoga and I feel better than ever. I do volunteer work even if it is under appreciated. And I am getting good grades, I feel like everything is as it should be.


Heathfield, S. M. (2014). Avoid the Top 10 Mistakes Managers Make. Retrieved from http://humanresources.about.com/od/badmanagerboss/a/mistakes-managers-make-managing-people.htm

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