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Reality TV: Surprising Throwback to The Past

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In the reading “Reality TV: Surprising Throwback to The Past”, Patricia Cohen reports a woman whose name is Lisa Shannon, wants to find a kind man to be her husband by a dating TV show. The shows lets a twenty-five-year-old woman to marry a man, and if they stay married for a year, they would receive an one-million check. Critics figures this show a disgrace for the marriage, as obviously some may go only for money, and in general a decline in the American morals. But this intentions for marriage is not a product from the TV show, they also exist in the past. This is compared to the past and present marital status. The ancient woman’s marriage to comply with much of the physical standards. However, people choose to get married again the standard back to ancient times. Program for the first time to meet other people on what terms will depend on what the ancient married woman must rely on parents to be parents. Besides that, this woman is not the right person to decide the province, the decision will be determined by her friends.

This method is to return to ancient times because of the lure of one million dollar so people focus the most on money, rather than to find a real lover. As my opinion from the article “Reality TV: Surprising Throwback to The Past?”, what the author say is although the reality TV show is the new fashion and have great originality, it is still the same as formal social arrangement for younger members to find mates in the old days. The author always talks about the Austen’s women: “a woman who is not married by her late 20s is doomed to be and old maid.” (p.321). These women are mostly seem married as a task, and they try to do their best to find a husband and get a happy life. In this way, these young women and men still can’t make sure who is the right one, they always need other familiar people’s help. In the old days, these people are their parents. In reality TV show, these familiar people include family members, best friends and even TV audiences. On another side, women join the reality TV show because these “good husbands” have a high degree, have enough money and eye-catching appearances.

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