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Book tells the tale of a small girl and her desire to go to school. For me, young Virgie and her journey to school with her brothers, represents the experiences that women bring to the work place or to the school with men and the desire that we all have to learn. What is most interesting about this book is that it is all based on a true story and about a real familyMichelle’s story is truly and rags to riches story. This book truly captures Michelle’s family’s childhood struggles with money to Princeton University. She is truly an inspiration to any young black girl who dares to dream of being the best.Goldilocks! Breaking and entering is a crime!

This childhood classic will surely have the little one laughing. The silly (and criminal) antics of the young Goldilocks and the surprise of the bears is an enjoyable piece for the entire familys she a princess or not? This reader thinks she is! Such a classic example of story’s that have stood the test of time. This book will be an instant favorite in any household. This classic story follows the story of how five brothers tricked the citizens of the entire village after the tragic death of a foolish young boy. This story is always a reminder that family will always be there for you when you are in most need. This book is great for any child and parent who enjoy the classics! (his version of this story was much different from the story I was told as a child. This version recounted them playing with friends and the notorious wolf did not come into the story until much later. This is still such a great story that focuses on family and resilience,Such a great reminder that all people should be kind to others. It follows the story line of a competition between the sun and the wind who both have laid claim on the title of greatest force on Earth.

This book is a great tool for teaching about fables and how they all end in a lessonWhile this book is not an old fable, it sure does read like one! The story of how this game, that has been a tie breaker in my home for many years, came to be is so funny! Throw in an old Irish accent and you’ve got an entertaining story time for any family nightThe contributions that Phyllis Wheatley made to American Literature is remarkably clear to anyone who picks up this book. At the young age of 9, after being kidnapped from her home in Africa and sold in America, Wheatley learned to read and write in multiple languages and proved that African’s were intelligent people. Every child and teacher should grab a hold of a copy of this magnificently illustrated biography of this young girl.Who knew comic strips could be so informative! I never knew Houdini’s wife was trained in the same way Houdini was. This book is great for any scholar who intends to delve into the life of a celebrated daredevil!I love this story about the young dancer. I actually had no idea that Mao Zedong cared for the arts. This resilient young boy is a great example for young people and adults who pick up this book. Float like A Butterfly’ gives a great look into the life of famed boxer Muhammad Ali. While reading this, one is immersed into the childhood that made this boxer resilient. For example, I had no idea that he change his name after converting to Islam.loved this biography of Barack Obama.

I had no idea that Barack Obama grew up in Hawaii. It gives children a look into the hopeful future that hope can provide, even when tragedy strikes. I love this book for students, and adults’The Cart That Carried Martin’ is a gives the account of the humble funeral of the great Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King’s funeral cart was a borrowed cart that was pulled by two mules, which was given to slaves that were freed. This book is a great reminder that the legacy of one man is determined by the humility of his character. ow funny! Splat the cat is back with his mischievous adventures. Splat has found, while cleaning his room, an old library book that he forgot to return. This book is a reminder to be honest even when it is hard!I love this series and this book is added to my collection.

The is such a greta writing prompt for children: Write about the time when….. Also a great reminder for children to be accepting of all new people, you never know what a fun time they may be!This book follows the night time struggle of getting the pigeon to bed for the night. That pesky pigeon refuses to sleep! This book will be loved by every child and adult who reads.This is such a cute book! It’s all written in tongue tying poetry that entertain ALL age groups. Get your little writer writing some rhythmic poetry with this!Such a cute book about a young cow boy whose prized possession was a smooth piece of leather that he fashioned into all sorts of things to wear. This book reminds children of old blankies, toys,and bears they once thought they’d never leave, which is always a fun writing prompt. This beautifully illustrated book follows the littlest fir tree’s emotion while the other big trees are taken to the Christmas Party without her. Many children can instantly connect to this feeling of being left out and will draw from personal experiences to write, but also using inanimate object to illustrate those feelings. Nora’s story is very similar to the ones our parents have made for us. This book is very reminiscent of my childhood, when we thought that if we went outside at night a monster would come and get us. This book allows children to explore their own make believe stories in writing formhere’s Ralph? Barbara cannot find her old friend so sets out on adventure to find new friends, and like many of us, is rejected. Barbara’s story is a lot like any child’s story and allows children to act that out in a story form.

I still love this series! Pete the cat shows our young writers the importance of their experiences and how writing can use those experiences for the benefit of others. I love this series! This book teaches that no matter the struggle of life or how inconvenient something may seem, you can always make the best of it and sing a little song. This book reminds our young writers, that it is good to write what you know! This simple book is an interactive book between a child and her mother on a snowy day as they make soup for dinner. This book shows our culinary kids that even their favorite activity can be a great story! As a bonus, the recipe is in the back for a fun activity with the kiddosTruly, the best stories have talking animals! This book goes through the investigation of the lost trees in the forest, as all the forest animals search for the culprit. Who doesn’t love a good talking animal book? Frannie’s Fruits’ is a book that follows an ordinary day at the family store with Frannie the dog and her family. The simple illustrations of this text allows children to draw simply also. Such a cute book for children to learn the simple pleasure of life can also be a writing prompt. Music can even be written into a book!

This adorable picture book capture a momma wolf singing to her children, which echo’s through to forest to two children playing outside who choose to investigate. This book causes you think twice about judging the wolf in old storiesThis is the touching story of a young girl who lost her interest in life after the death of her father. This is such a good example of how your own life events and tragedies can be used to write a story. Such a powerful book to share with young children! Love the friendship these two turtles have! These two turtle friends have found a hat that looks good on both of them but decide not to keep it because there is only one. Any story line is a good story line!

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