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Puritans Case StudyPuritan

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1. Define and explain culture and provide examples
2. Define deviancy and provide examples
3. What are the functions of deviancy? Provide examples.
4. What motivated the Puritans for leaving Old England for New England?
5. The Puritan movement is better described as a Revivalist than a Reform Movement. Explain.
6. Describe the Puritan religious ideology.
7. Define and explain City Upon a Hill, Visible Saint, Predestination, Covenant of Grace, Covenant of Works, Closed Christian Utopian Corporate Society.
8. What problems did the issue of Visible Sainthood pose for the members of the Puritan community? Provide examples.
9. What are the two competing visions of Judgment Day? How did the Puritans envision it?
10. Explain and define “Puritan Work Ethic”.
11. How was economic success evaluated?
12. What problems might arise in the Puritan community with increased economic success?
13. Discuss some Puritan virtues/sins in regards to their work ethic.
14. How did Puritans view slavery?
15. Discuss “social predestination”
16. What was the Puritan form of government?
17. How do we describe a political system that is based on religion?
18. According to the Puritans, why was government necessary?
19. How did Puritans view privacy and individualism?
20. What principle law was their political system based on?
21. How did the Puritan political system realize their community ideal?
22. What were the functions of the Puritan family?
23. What were the Puritans’ views on childrearing?
24. Explain the function of the ‘putting out system’.
25. How did Puritans view marriage and what role did the community and parents play in a couple’s marriage?
26. What were the primary functions of marriage?
27. What kind of love should spouses express for each other? Why?
28. Describe Puritan courtship and practices such as the courting stick and bundling. Explain why this was important to the community.
29. Describe Puritans’ view of sexuality.
30. What were important functions of sexuality?
31. What kind of sexual behaviors were considered deviant and how were they punished?
32. Discuss the different reaction of the Puritan community to the sexual deviancy of Samuel Terry vs. Thomas Morton.
33. What were the internal causes for each of the three “crime waves” (Antinomian, Quaker, Witch Trials)? What changes were challenging the Puritan cultural ideal?
34. Who were the “criminals,” the cultural deviants, who challenged the Puritan ideology in each of these episodes? And what were their respective “crimes”?
35. What was the resolution in each of these controversies?
36. What are the differences between the outcome of the Antinomian Crisis and the Quaker Crisis? What did each event mean for the power of the Puritan church?
37. Explain the function of each of these crime waves? How did they redefine the cultural boundaries for the Puritans in the 1630s, 1650s and 1690s?
38. How did the objective of the Puritan Community change as they transitioned from opposing the Anglican Church in Old England to establishing their Puritan Commonwealth in New England?
39. Describe the religious views of the Quakers. How did their views conflict with the English Government (Old England) and the Puritans (New England)?
40. How did the Puritans react to the Quaker Invasion?
41. How did the Quakers react to the persecution?
42. How did gravestones change from the 17th (Puritan) to the 19th century (Victorian). Provide specific examples. 43. How do these changes reflect different attitudes towards death and the afterlife? Towards childrearing?
44. What do these changing attitudes tell us about the social, economic and religious changes in the Puritan community?

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